Asset Safety

Asset Safety is available in standard Upwell Structures, but not in specialized Upwell FLEX structures.

Asset Safety is automatically triggered when a structure is unanchored or destroyed. However, it will not automatically trigger when structures in 'Abandoned' state are destroyed. Manual triggering of Asset Safety is possible at any moment before the structure is destroyed.

Once asset safety is activated it cannot be cancelled. The container created through the Asset Safety system will include the name of the System and the name of the Upwell Structure it is originating from. The owner can choose to recover individual items or the entire contents of the container at once by selecting and dragging the items from the Asset Safety wrap into the hangar or cargo hold.

Ships that are boarded by a capsuleer will not be moved into asset safety. They will be undocked or be in space on the pilots next log in after the structure has been decommissioned or destroyed.

There are 2 types of Asset Safety: Personal and Corporation.

Personal Asset Safety

Personal Asset Safety is triggered when an Upwell Structure is destroyed, unanchored, or the player manually activates it. Once asset safety has been triggered, an entry will appear in the players "Asset" window under a tab called "Safety".

After 5 days a player can choose to have the assets delivered to an NPC station, outpost, or Upwell Structure in the same system the assets were originally located. If the package is not moved manually within 20 days after its creation, it will be automatically moved as follows:

  • From Null Security space: to a station in the nearest Low Security system, by AU.
  • From Low Security space: to a station in the nearest Low Security system, by AU.
  • From High Security space: to a station in the nearest High Security system, by AU.

Asset safety works differently for structures in Wormhole space. See the section entitled "Asset Safety and Wormhole Space" at the end of this article. 

Only systems containing NPC stations are considered for this automated move.

If the station the assets are being automatically moved to is not within the same system, the player will have to pay 15% of the assets' value to release them from asset safety. If it is the same system, the charge would be 0.5% of the assets' value.

Everything in the player's Item Hangar and Ship Hangar is moved into the Asset Safety wrap. This includes Supercarriers and Titans.

Corporation Asset Safety

Aside from the items being under ownership of the corporation and the "Safety" tab appearing within the Corporation Assets window as a result of that, the asset safety system for corporations follows the same rules as the personal asset safety outlined above.

NOTE: Only Directors and the CEO can interact with corporation asset safety.

Corporation hangars will be preserved inside the asset safety wrap.


Triggering Asset Safety

Items will be subject to the Asset Safety mechanic in the following situations:

  • Destruction of the Upwell Structure that the items are located in.
  • Un-renting of a corporate office within an Upwell Structure.
  • Manually, which can be done independently of docking access to the structure in question:

    • For personal assets, by right clicking on the structure in space or in the Personal Assets window (Alt – T) and selecting “Move to Asset Safety”. You cannot be docked at the selected structure to perform this action.

    • For corporation assets, by right clicking on the office listed in Corporation window \ Assets \ Offices tab.


Asset Safety and Wormhole Space

Upwell Structures in wormhole space do not use the standard asset safety system. Whenever asset safety would normally be triggered for these structures, the assets are instead ejected into space and become available for any player to collect. This means that a destroyed Upwell Structure in wormhole space will eject the contents of all player and corporation hangars into space where the aggressors can loot them. It also means manually activating “asset safety” for certain items or un-renting a corporation office within a wormhole Upwell Structure will also cause the items to be ejected into space beside the structure.


Asset Safety in 'Abandoned' Structures

Upwell Structures will transition from Low Power to Abandoned state if they have not consumed any fuel from service modules for 7 days.

When a structure in Abandoned state is destroyed, asset safety will not trigger automatically.

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