Structure Management

Structure Browser

The Structure Browser contains information about what structures and stations are accessible and what services they offer.

The structure browser is in the Neocom or by setting a shortcut in the ESC menu

All players can see the "All Structures" tab and this will show all structures which they have docking access to and the services available within them. From here players can search for specific types of structures or specific services.

Only players with the roles of Station Manager, Director, or CEO will see the "My Structures" tab.

The My Structures tab is where members of the corporation with the correct roles can see what profiles they have and to which structures they are assigned. The "My Structures" tab is also where the different access rights, tax rates, and ISK fees can be set. The "My Structures" tab will also show how much fuel the structures have remaining and what state of vulnerability they are currently in.


Structures such as Citadels do not consume fuel, but the Service Modules that are installed in them do. There is an initial onlining cost of 3 days worth of fuel which is taken from the fuel bay when a Service is onlined. There is an additional running cost which will take fuel from the Fuel Bay every hour that the Service is online.

To fuel a Citadel, a player must assume control by clicking the "Take Control" button located in the upper right-hand corner once docked in said Citadel. From there a player must do the following:

  • Open up the cargo hold like you would on any other ship while in space
  • Hit the right-facing arrow to expand the dropdown to reveal different hangars in the structure
  • Click on the "Item Hangar", which brings up your personal item hangar where the fuel is located 
  • Drag and drop the fuel from the item hangar to the structures Fuel bay
  • The same can be done to find the Core hangar and insert a Core

Different Services use different amounts of fuel, and the details are shown on each Service Module.

Structures like the Citadel offer a bonus to the amount of fuel used by Citadel specific service modules.

Structures will accept any of the 4 currently available fuel blocks:

  • Helium Fuel Block
  • Oxygen Fuel Block
  • Nitrogen Fuel Block
  • Hydrogen Fuel Block


Quantum Cores

Once the anchoring process of a structure is complete, a Quantum Core must be inserted into the structure before it can be brought online.

These cores are sold by NPC corporations and each structure has a corresponding core.

Structure Required Core Value (ISK) Core Volume
Astrahus Astrahus Upwell Quantum Core 600,000,000 500 m3
Athanor Athanor Upwell Quantum Core 700,000,000 500 m3
Raitaru Raitaru Upwell Quantum Core 800,000,000 500 m3
Fortizar Fortizar Upwell Quantum Core 4,000,000,000 50,000 m3
Tatara Tatara Upwell Quantum Core 3,500,000,000 50,000 m3
Azbel Azbel Upwell Quantum Core 3,000,000,000 50,000 m3
Keepstar Keepstar Upwell Quantum Core 30,000,000,000 95,000 m3
Sotiyo Sotiyo Upwell Quantum Core 10,000,000,000 95,000 m3

Once a core is inserted into an anchored structure it can be brought online.

Cores will always drop from destroyed structures that had them installed. Likewise, when a structure is decommissioned (unanchored) the Quantum Core will be moved into a container in space.

More information about installing a Quantum Core, as well as anchoring structures, can be found here: Upwell Structure Deployment and Unanchoring

Structure Power State

Structures can be in two different power states, depending on if they have any service modules online. 

If a structure has at least one service module online, it is considered to be in "Full Power" mode and will undergo an additional reinforcement cycle should it come under attack. If no service modules are installed or online, the structure will be considered to be at "low power" and will be considerably easier to destroy. A structure in low power mode will be indicated in the structure browser with the following symbol:


More details on structure vulnerability can be found within the article Upwell Structures Vulnerability States.

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