Access Lists

Access Lists are effectively "Lists of people", which are used together with Profiles to control who is able to access the different services available in an Upwell structure. 

A corporation will always have a default Access List which includes the corporation and to which nothing else can be added to. All other access lists may include individual players, corporations, alliances or "everyone".

Only the Admins or Managers of an Access list are able to see and modify the access lists they are managing.

The available Access Lists can be accessed from the Neocom, but a shortcut can also be set within the "Shortcuts" tab of the game options for quick access.


New Lists are created using the "New Access List" button in the Access Lists window.NewList_EN-US.png

Once a new Access List is created, Characters, Corporations or alliances can be added through the "Add Members" button. It is not possible to add NPC-Factions or NPC-Corporations to an access list.

Characters that were added to the access list can be set to be blocked, meaning they will not have access to whichever structure service that list will be assigned to.

In order to grant public access to a service, "Everyone" can be added as a member of an access list through the globe button next to "Add Members".

Access Lists are governed by the most granular setting available:

  • Alliance supersedes "Everyone"
  • Corporation supersedes Alliance
  • Character supersedes Corporation.

As an example, if an access list that contains "Everyone" but blocks a certain character is assigned to the docking service within a profile of a structure, then everyone but that blocked character may dock at that structure.

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