Access Lists


Access Lists are used with Profiles to control who is able to access the different services available in a structure.

A corporation will always have a default Access List which includes the corporation and to which nothing else can be added to. All other access lists may include individual players, corporations, or alliances.

Only the Admins or Managers of an Access list are able to see it.

Access Lists can be found in the Neocom or you can set a shortcut through the ESC menu


Access Lists are created using the "New Access List" button in the Access Lists window.

Once a new Access List is created you can make changes to it by adding or blocking players using the "Add Members" button. You can also add the Public member which includes everyone in EVE.

Access Lists are governed by the most granular setting available:

  • Alliance supersedes public
  • Corporation supersedes Alliance
  • Character supersedes Corporation.


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