CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon (CRAB)


A CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon is a deployable beacon that can be used in Low and Null security space to research local Rogue Drone activity.

Once a beacon is deployed and linked to, it will spawn waves of rogue drones that attack capsuleers around the beacon or the beacon itself. Effectively, this is a deployable PvE site in space.

These drones will each give bounties which are affected by the Dynamic Bounty System of the system. Additionally, Rogue Drone faction and officer modules may drop from some of the spawned drones, along with mutaplasmids for drones and itemized ISK in the form of Rogue Drone Analysis Data which Concord will purchase from players, similarly to ESS bonds.

  • The deployable itself is acquired through Concord LP stores in BPC form.

  • It can be deployed in any low security or null security system.
  • It must be linked to by a character in a capital ship
  • It does not need to be completed with the capital ship that linked to it initially - sub capital fleets can complete the sites.

The CRAB requires two resources in order to be linkable in a system: Sufficient Complex Encryption Qubits (CEQs) for the character and a low-enough level of signal interference in the system.

The Deployable has 4 phases: deployment, linking, scanning, and rewards.

CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon


Before the CRAB is launched into space, the remaining CEQs for the launching character are displayed on the tool tip for the beacon in the cargo hold. Once the beacon is deployed in space it will be visible system-wide via the Overview for anyone to warp to. 

Note that a CRAB can only be deployed more than 10,000 km away from Upwell Structures, and more than 30,000 km away from Control Towers.

At the end of this phase, only characters in Carriers, Dreadnoughts, Supercarriers, or Titans can link to the CRAB in space. Additionally, only characters with sufficient CEQs will be able to link with the CRAB.



Once a ship begins the linking phase it will be locked in place in space for a duration of four minutes. The following four statuses will be in effect on that ship:

  • Tether blocked
  • Cloaking disrupted
  • Warp drive disabled
  • 10% Resistance bonus to all defensive profiles


After linking, the above four statuses will clear after a duration of 60 seconds, meaning a total duration of 5 minutes for the statuses.



Once linked and activated, the CRAB will begin to broadcast a signal in the solar system that will attract the attention of Rogue Drone NPCs. When Rogue Drones are in proximity of the CRAB, they will block the scanning progress and attack hostile threats in proximity to the CRAB.


The Rogue Drones must be destroyed to clear the perimeter so that the CRAB can continue its scanning and, after 10 minutes of uninterrupted scanning, the CRAB will complete its analysis of the Rogue Drones and will have salvaged enough technology to reward players with new Mutaplasmids.



After successfully finishing the scanning, the CRAB will have mutaplasmids from Rogue Drones inside of its cargo hold. Initially this cargo hold can only be accessed by the ship that initiated the CRAB during its linking phase, but after two minutes it will self-destruct with the generated mutaplasmids always dropping into the wreckage. (100% drop rate when it self-destructs)



Signal Interference

Solar systems have a property named Signal Interference. Using the new CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon repeatedly in the same solar system will saturate a system with interference preventing the CRAB from being able to broadcast a signal that can be isolated. In practical terms, the CRAB will not be able to be linked to if interference is too high as the Rogue Drones cannot locate it.

  • A system's default start amount of Signal Interference is 0.
  • Over time, Signal Interference will decay back down to 0. This state of decay is always ongoing and not attached to server downtime.
  • The time for a full recovery of a solar system with maximum Signal Interference is approximately 25 hours.
  • The User Interface has been updated to show Signal Interference in locations where appropriate.


Complex Encryption Qubits (CEQs)

CEQs are used when initiating a link to the CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon.

  • A character's default start amount of CEQs is 100.
  • Over time CEQs will regenerate back to 100, and the regeneration is always ongoing and not attached to server downtime.
  • The time for a full regeneration of CEQs is approximately 22 hours.
  • As CEQs are only required by the CRAB, your current reserves will be visible in a tooltip on mouse-over of the CRAB in your inventory.



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