Service Modules

Service modules provide structures with their functionality.

Structures can fit most of the service modules. However, there are some limitations in place, i.e. an Astrahus Citadel cannot fit a Market Service module.

Service modules equipped to structures they are not designed for will not benefit from the structure's bonuses. For example, the Citadel structures have a bonus to fuel use for any Citadel specific service modules fitted to that citadel.

Service modules will be put offline during the final stage of the vulnerability cycle.


Service Modules can be installed via the structure fitting window, which can be opened through the "Ship Fitting" Neocom Button (Alt-F) after taking control of the structure.


The slots for service modules are located at the bottom of the structure fitting screen and a service can be installed by simply dragging it from the inventory into the slot on the fitting window.

Hovering over a service will offer options to online, offline or unfit a service as appropriate. If there is enough fuel to online the service present in the structure's fuel bay, a newly installed service will be put online immediately.


A structures Fuel Bay can be accessed via the Inventory after taking control of the structure.

While structures such as Citadels themselves do not consume fuel, any installed Service Modules will. There is an initial onlining cost of 3 days' worth of fuel which is taken from the fuel bay when a Service put online. Once online, the Service Module requires fuel to remain active, which will also be taken from the Fuel Bay every hour.

Different Services use different amounts of fuel, and the details are visible in the attribute listing of each Service Module. Fuel usage of a service module may be affected by structure bonuses.

Structures will accept any of the 4 currently available fuel blocks:

  • Helium Fuel Block
  • Oxygen Fuel Block
  • Nitrogen Fuel Block
  • Hydrogen Fuel Block
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