Upwell Structures Vulnerability States


Structure Vulnerability States


This state indicates the structure may be attacked and can take damage. This is the default state for the structure most of the time. Under certain circumstances, which are outlined below, structures may become invulnerable.


  • Structures cannot be attacked in High Security space without a war declaration



This state indicates the structure cannot be attacked. This happens in several circumstances:

  • When has passed the initial 15 minutes anchoring vulnerability
    • After completing the Anchoring process, the structure will only have structure and will need to pass a 15 minute repair timer before shields and armor become available.

  • When an attack succeeds
    • This happens when the attackers bring shields or armor hitpoints to 0 
    • At this point, the structure becomes invulnerable for a specific amount of time before having its next layer vulnerable to attack, as outlined in the states diagram below
    • Which layer becomes vulnerable after Shields have been depleted is dependent on the power state of the structure. Active service modules on the structure will have it in a "Full Power" state, meaning that the next vulnerable layer will be the armor layer.
    • A structure without online service modules will be in "Low Power" state, and will skip the armor layer, becoming vulnerable again at the Hull Layer.





This state actively indicates the structure is under attack

This happens when any kind of damage is applied to a vulnerable shield, armor or hull layer. 

NOTE: Incoming damage is limited to a specific amount per second and depends on the size and type of structure

This state lasts for a specific amount of time

  • The repairing window is shorter than the vulnerability window
  • Time is paused whenever damage is dealt
  • Immediately ends if the vulnerable layer (shields, armor or hull) reaches 0 HP. In case of shields or armor, the structures goes into an invulnerable state, before having the next layer set to vulnerable. In case of hull, the structure is immediately destroyed
  • If the repair timer naturally elapses, the structure goes back into vulnerability - if that timer elapses too, the structure fully recovers from the attack. Its shields, armor and hull are restored to full values


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