SKINR Tool & Structure License

The SKINR (Super-Kerr Induced Nanocoating Resequencer) tool can be utilized to apply a SKIN License onto structures. These licenses can last for 30 days, 90 days, or 180 days.

These licenses can be paid for with EverMarks which are accumulated through corporation taxes. The prices for these Licenses can vary based on the expiry date a player chooses as well as on the size of the structure the player intends to apply the SKIN to.

The SKINR tool can be accessed via the steps shown below:

  1. Head over to the Neocom
  2. Find the "Social" drop-down
  3. Click Corporation
  4. In the pop-up on the far right, you will find the SKINR tool

Players that intend to apply a license to a structure that a corporation owns, will need the "Brand Manager" role. This role grants access to the corporation EverMarks as well as access to spend those EverMarks on structure SKINS.

Once a player has the correct roles, they can open the SKINR tool and start designing a structure SKIN license which can then be applied to a structure belonging to their corporation.

After the player selects a structure to design, they can finalize the design after having created it by clicking "Create License". Clicking this will open an interface where they can choose which structure to apply it to, for how long, and will display how much it will cost.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • A SKIN License can not be applied to a structure that is Low Power/Abandoned. Only structures operating in Full Power with an online service module can have a SKIN License applied to it.

  • Players are unable to apply a Structure SKIN License to a faction Fortizar.

  • Structure SKINS on Upwell structures will no longer be revoked if a structure enters a low-power or abandoned mode but will not be displayed until the structure is back to full power.

  • Corporations are unable to trade EverMarks between them unless they are in the same alliance. They are only able to transfer EverMarks to the Alliance executor corporation and back (The corporations have to have been in the alliance for 30+ days).

  • It is not possible to transfer a structure to a different corporation, apply a license, and then transfer it back to the original corporation. Doing so will result in the Skin License being removed and the spent EverMarks lost.

  • When a Structure SKIN License is revoked, there are no EverMarks refunds for the remaining duration.



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