Metenox Moon Drill


The Metenox Moon Drill is a deployable structure that was introduced in the Equinox expansion. It can be deployed at moon mining points in lowsec, nullsec, and wormhole space, and is a fully automatic way of extracting ores from minable moons. The Metenox is a less efficient extraction method than manual extraction by players using an Athanor or Tatara, but instead it slowly collects the resources obtained from mining and refining moon ores overtime. Players can control who has access to take the moon materials it harvests with an Access Control List.

Only a single Metenox, Athanor or Tatara can be at the same moon mining location at any time. Metanox Moon Drills will require an Inegrated Moon Drill Armature to be built, and will always drop it at a 100% rate. This functions as a built in Upwell Quantum Core. The cost of the core is 300 million ISK in Upwell Consortium member stations


The Metenox Moon Drill features a unique reinforcement flow. Once it has been deployed, the Metenox will not have automatic repairs like other Upwell Structures. Instead, players will need to manually repair the shield and armor if it gets attacked. The Metenox has a single reinforcement cycle in Hull, once it leaves reinforcement, it will need to be repaired to 100% Shield OR 100% Armor HP in order to fully repair itself and gain the reinforcement cycle back and be able to have the service module turned on again. This means that while reinforced the Metenox will neither extract ore nor will ore already in it be accessible. Unlike other Upwell Structures, the Metenox does not have a damage cap.

The Metenox provides no defenses, weaponry or tether ability.

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