Control Tower shooting at friendly pilots

A control tower may open fire on friendly characters under any of the following conditions:

  • The owning corporation of the tower has only set the character, but not the characters corporation or alliance, to a high enough standing; for performance reasons, Control Towers will only check their owner's standings towards the targets corporation and alliance. As such, standings towards an individual will not prevent the tower from engaging the friendly pilot.

  • The characters corporation or alliance were not added to the contact list the tower is using currently. The tower can use either the contacts of the owning corporation OR the alliance that the owning corporation is in.
  • The attacked character has an aggression flag with the owning corporation. Most often this is the result of:
    • Manually controlled guns firing on the characters ships or assets
    • The character attempting to warp within a Warp Disruption Field of a Mobile Warp Disruptor launched for the corporation owning the tower
    • The character attacking the tower or its modules
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