Profiles define what services of a structure are available to other players. Where the profile controls which services are available to other players, the Access lists define which players can access the services. A default profile that grants access to all services to the members of the owning corporation is always available if no profile or access list was created yet.

In order to anchor any Upwell Structure, a profile needs to be set during the anchoring process. The profile a structure uses can be changed and edited at any time by corporation members of the owning corporation that have the roles Station Manager or Director, as well as the CEO of the corporation.

Profiles can be accessed through the Structure Browser in the Neocom or by setting a shortcut within the "Shortcuts" tab of the game options that can be opened with ESC.

New profiles can be created using the "New Profile" button in the "My Structures" tab of the "Structure Browser" window.

Within the profile settings, one or more Access List can be assigned to each service independently, making the respective service available to members of those access lists at the rate set next to it.




Each profile can be assigned to multiple structures and changes to a profile will affect all structures using it. A structure can be set to use a different profile by right clicking it within the "Structures" tab of the Structure Browser and then selecting "Set Profile" from the right click menu.

If a character is a member of several access lists that are added to the same service, the access list with most granular setting for the character will apply, as outlined in Access Lists. Similarly, if a character is blocked on one access list, but is explicitly allowed on another one that is also used on the same service, the setting granting the access will trump the block on the same granularity level.


A corporation is permitted to dock at the structure in Access List A, but a character of said corporation is for some reason blocked in Access List B that is assigned to the Docking service as well, docking will be refused at any structure using the profile. However, if the character is then explicitly added as a member of Access List A as well, that access permission will trump the same setting of Access list B, as it widens the access on the character permission level, and the character would be able to dock.

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