Upwell Structure Deployment and Unanchoring


Citadels can only be deployed by members of a player owned corporation.

Only a Station Manager, Director, or CEO of the player owned corporation may deploy a citadel.

Citadels cannot be deployed in the following systems:

Citadels can be deployed anywhere in the system as long as it is 1000km from another structure and 1000km from a celestial.

 How to deploy:

  1. Have the structure in a ship with a large enough cargo hold
  2. Navigate to the area of space you want to deploy
  3. Either drag from the cargo or right-click on the Structure and select "Launch for Corporation"
  4. You will be presented with the "Deployment" window

  5. Move the Citadel using the left mouse button until the structure appears blue and the "Anchor" button is active, you can rotate the structure using the right mouse button. When in an invalid position the Citadel will appear red and the "Anchor" button will remain inactive.

  6. Click the "Position" button when you are happy it is in the correct location and rotation
  7. Set the Structure Name, Profile and Vulnerability hours

  8. Click "Anchor"

Once deployed a Citadel will take a full 24 hours to anchor.

After Deployment, anchoring will not start until an initial 15-minute vulnerability has passed. Once the Anchoring is in progress, the structure cannot be attacked until the anchoring completes (usually 24 hours), at which point another 15-minute vulnerability timer must pass before the structure’s normal vulnerability schedule activates. As the structure is not fully repaired at this point, it can not be fitted yet and has to be defended by other means until this vulnerability window completes.

If the structure is attacked during any of these timers, a normal repair timer will start and standard vulnerability mechanics occur. Structures that come under attack before their anchoring process starts will not have any reinforcement cycles and can be destroyed within a single attack, as no armor or shields are present at this stage.

The vulnerability mechanic is described in the UPWELL STRUCTURES VULNERABILITY STATES article.

Anchoring in Sovereignty Nullsec

Anchoring a citadel in a nullsec system will be subject to an anchoring delay if the system contains an Infrastructure Hub owned by another player alliance.

The delay is an extra 24 hours per level of strategic index.


Strategic Index 0 = 24 hours to anchor

Strategic Index 1 = 48 hours to anchor

Decommissioning a Structure (unanchoring)

Decommissioning a structure is a 7 day process.

Only a Director or the CEO of the owning corporation may decomission a structure.

Once the decommission process has begun it can be cancelled, but it will reset the decommissioning time to 7 days.

After the 7 days, player assets inside the structure will be moved to Asset Safety. Modules, charges, and fighters attached to the structure will be moved to a container for anyone to scoop and the structure itself will be left in space in a scoopable state. The rigs that were installed into the structure will be destroyed.

During the 7 days of decommissioning the structure will undergo its usual vulnerability hours. If the structure is successfully attacked during a Vulnerability window, the Decommissioning process will be cancelled and the structure will proceed through its normal vulnerability cycle.

Please note that the timer visible on the structure indicates its normal vulnerability cycle, not the unanchoring process, as that timer is not supposed to be known.


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