Triglavian Space

The Triglavian Collective launched an invasion into New Eden, fighting against EDENCOM and empire-loyal capsuleers. Some systems were won by the Triglavians who built infrastructure here and began harvesting the suns. Instability in the stargates connecting to these systems resulted from this activity, eventually causing the connections to break. These are those systems.


The Triglavian Collective enforce harsh penalties on those they do not consider worthy and reward those who have proven themselves through their actions.


Positive Standings with the Triglavians grant capsuleers access to the limited services within the stations in this space.

Activity Standing Requirement
Docking -0.05
Market & Contracts No requirements
Inventory No requirements
LP Store -0.01
Fitting 1.00
Repair 2.00
Jump Clones (Clone swapping only) 3.00
Reprocessing 3.00
Manufacturing 4.00
Corporation Offices 4.00

Note: Corp Offices rely on Corp Standings to the Triglavians, not Personal character standings

Conduit Loop

The Conduit Loop links the Triglavian systems together, forming a path between the three clade and their constellations. Capsuleers with sufficient standing may travel through the conduits.

  Border Internal Home
Standing Requirement 1.00 3.00 7.00

Personal Standings and high security ship restrictions apply.

Travel to Triglavian space can be through special wormholes or by using Triglavian Space Filaments

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