Autothysian Lancers and Drifters

Autothysian Lancers have started entering New Eden through Wormholes quite some time ago, showing interest in about anything they come across. The Lancers are not aggressive, but will defend themselves when attacked, as well as call for rather powerful reinforcements, which more often than not will arrive in the form of a Drifter Battleship.

Drifters have been spotted for the first time shortly after the arrival of Autothysian Lancers, and ever since have come to their defense. In New Eden, Drifters are known to only attack without provocation if pilots are moving too close to their wormholes or the Jove Observatories that the Drifters seem to be interested in. However, once a Drifter does attack for whatever reason, it will chase its target relentlessly through the system and once destroyed, all traces of the target will be eliminated, including its wreck as well as the capsule of the pilot. While Drifters will not follow into other systems, they will resume their chase if a target returns to the system after it had left.

Most recently, Drifters have been spotted in wormhole space as well, outside the systems that their wormholes to New Eden seem to lead to. Those are known to attack on sight and without provocation.

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