The Deathless Circle faction recently discovered an uncharted system known as Zarzakh, it is believed that this system is an ancient Jovian transportation hub linking to 4 regions in New Eden. Zarzakh is a star system with a unique environment and mechanics that can not be found in any other solar system in the game.

Zarzakh contains a massive derelict Jove Station that has been taken over by the Deathless Circle known as "The Fulcrum". The station itself will act as the home station of players who choose to align with the pirate factions.

Players are able to travel to the system in a few ways which are outlined below:

  • Jumping through the Zarzakh gate in H-PA29
  • Jumping through the Zarzakh gate in G-0Q86
  • Jumping through the Zarzakh gate in Alsavoinon
  • Jumping through the Zarzakh gate in Turnur
  • Jumping through a Deathless Shipcaster in Amarr-Minmatar Factional warfare space
  • Jumping through a Deathless Shipcaster in Caldari-Gallente Factional warfare space
  • If players are not aligned with the pirate factions but wish to enter Zarzakh, they will have to pay a toll based on the mass of the ship the player is piloting whilst trying to enter.

The Deathzone - If players decide to venture out into the Death Zone, they will start taking structure damage while not taking any Shield or Armor damage. If the structure depletes while players are in the Death Zone, their ship will blow up. When players fly close to the Death Zone, they will be able to tell where it begins and ends by looking at it. 

Once players have aligned themselves with the Pirate factions, they will be able to access Deathless Shipcasters in Zarzakh to catapult them to pirate FOBs in pirate insurgency zones. The Fulcrum will act as a market hub for pirate-aligned players and will provide extra bonuses to pirate industrial players.



  • Players are blocked from anchoring structures and anchorable bubbles in Zarzakh
  • Only sub-capital Ships and the Orca are permitted to enter Zarzakh, the Deathless are blocking all capitals from accessing the stargates into Zarzakh.
  • Player ships in the Death Zone will take more damage the further they venture into the Death Zone
  • Directional scanners, Probe Scanners, and Sensor Overlay do not function in Zarzakh
  • Interdiction Sphere Launchers, Unscripted Warp Disruption Field Generators, and Bombs can be used in Zarzakh
  • Players are unable to use jump drives, conduit jumps, or jump bridges from within Zarzakh
  • Capsuleers who disconnect or log off while in Zarzakh will not emergency warp, they will instead stay where they currently are until their ship safely disappears.


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