Abyssal Deadspace

Abyssal Deadspaces are dangerous areas that can only be entered by a single cruiser after activating an Abyssal Filament, or by a fleet of up to three frigates or two destroyers using filaments of the same type and tier, for the capsuleers seeking a cooperative challenge. No other ships will be able to follow and while within the Abyss, capsuleers have to rely on their own wits and resources to emerge again with the spoils.

Abyssal Filaments

Filaments are the keys to Abyssal Deadspaces. Activating a Filament will draw the ship it was used on into the Abyss, leaving an Abyssal Trace behind. While no other ship can follow the trace into the Abyss (with the exception of the total of three frigate pilots of the same fleet for co-operative traces), these traces can be scanned out with combat scanner probes. As such, it may happen that other capsuleers are waiting for the ship that entered the Abyss to emerge again.

The information available on Filaments gives hints at what to expect within the Abyssal Deadspace it will lead into, such as global weather effects within the Abyssal Deadspace and the effects on the ships in it:

Dark -  reduces weapon ranges but enhances ship velocity.
Electrical - reduces EM resistance but enhances ship capacitor recharging.
Exotic - reduces kinetic resistance but enhances scan resolution.
Firestorm - reduces Thermal resistance but enhances ship armor strength.
Gamma - reduces explosive resistance but enhances ship shield strength.

Furthermore, each Filament also indicates the difficulty of the deadspace they lead to:


Tranquil - Easiest












Cataclysmic - Most difficult

The "Calm" Filaments can be found mainly in Data Sites across New Eden, as well as within the Abyss. Higher difficulty filaments may only be found within Abyssal Deadspaces. All filaments can also be traded on the market and can as such be obtained from other capsuleers as well.


Co-operative Abyssal Deadspace

In order to open a trace for a co-operative abyssal deadspace, which can be entered by a fleet of up to three capsuleers in frigates, or two in destroyers, filaments of the same type and tier need to be present in the cargo hold of the activating capsuleer, and the pilots need to be together in a fleet.


Once such a trace was opened, up to three members of the fleet that the activating pilot is in may enter the Abyssal Deadspace. The timer to collapse will begin as soon as the first ship enters. If no ships enter at all for about half an hour, the trace itself will collapse and the filaments will be wasted.


Inside an Abyssal Deadspace

Once the ship has been drawn into the Abyss, strange weather effects will affect various systems, both globally and localized. Strange gates can be seen in some distance off, which will open once all opposition has been eliminated and can be used to dive deeper into the abyss, with the third gate connecting back to the entry point.

Within each pocket of the Abyssal Deadspace, clouds and other objects may affect the ships within their area of effect.

Also, each pocket is surrounded by dangerous particles and straying too far out will damage a ship and eventually destroy it for certain.

Amidst all the danger, some caches may be found, containing materials only found within the Abyss.


Leaving an Abyssal Deadspace

Once inside an Abyssal Deadspace, there are only two ways to leave: The Origin Gate, within the third pocket of each Abyssal Deadspace, leading back to the point of entry or the destruction of the ship.


Disconnects and ship losses while within Abyssal Deadspace

Abyssal Deadspace is extremely dangerous and any destruction of the capsuleers ship within an Abyssal Deadspace will always destroy the capsule as well. Leaving the pocket in any other capacity than the gate within it will also result in the destruction of ship and capsule.

The ship will also be destroyed if the timer for the deadspace runs out.

If a disconnect or log off occurs while within an abyssal deadspace, the ship will remain in space and will still be attacked by the NPCs within the pocket. Should the timer for the deadspace run out while logged off, the ship will be destroyed as well.

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