Returning to EVE Online

If you are returning to EVE Online after some time away, welcome back!

Below you will find information about the latest content added to EVE, helpful links, and answers to common questions and issues veteran players may have.

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How to recover your account:

All account details, i.e., the account name, the name of a character as well as the password can be regained through the account recovery process.

Click here for our Account Recovery guide



The Deathless Circle faction recently discovered an uncharted system known as Zarzakh, it is believed that this system is an ancient Jovian transportation hub linking to 4 regions in New Eden. Zarzakh is a star system with a unique environment and mechanics that can not be found in any other solar system in the game.



The Triglavian Invasion

A new race of NPCs, known as the Triglavian Collective, invaded New Eden in 2019 and 2020. Players were able to choose whether they would support the invaders or fight against them. This invasion ultimately resulted in the Triglavian faction annexing a portion of New Eden and moved the systems therein to a new region known as Pochven.

Pochven is not connected to the rest of New Eden through traditional stargates and can only be entered or exited through the use of special filaments and wormholes.

If you find yourself in Pochven after an extended absence, read up on what you can do there and how you may move around or out of it by following the links below.

What was the Triglavian Invasion?

What is Pochven? (The new Triglavian Region)

How to enter and exit Pochven with Filaments!

Stuck in Pochven? Read this closely to see if we can help


The Hypernet Relay

The Hypernet Relay allows players to create auctions for items and ships which other players can then participate in by purchasing tickets known as HyperNodes. These auctions can be advertised and may be an entertaining way to find a good deal on expensive or rare items.

All about the Hypernet Relay


Abyssal Deadspace

Abyssal Deadspaces are dangerous areas that can only be entered by a single cruiser after activating an Abyssal Filament, or by a fleet of up to three frigates or two destroyers using filaments of the same type and tier, for the Capsuleers seeking a cooperative challenge.

These "Abyssals" can be quite lucrative for players who are ready to face the dangers of unpredictable weather effects and advanced NPC opponents.

Read this before you try Abyssal Deadspace!


Alpha and Omega Clones

EVE Online can now be played entirely for free as an Alpha Clone! The Alpha Clone state is the default for players who are trying EVE for free or for those whose subscriptions have elapsed.

Omega Clones are the next tier up, and can be attained through an EVE subscription or through the use of in-game PLEX.

Alpha and Omega clones have different restrictions and bonuses, all of which are described in the article below.

The differences between Alpha and Omega Clones


Are you or your items stuck in dangerous space?

If you are coming back to EVE after a long absence, your character may not be where you left it or its location is no longer owned by friendly forces. Similarly, stations you left items in may no longer be accessible or open to you.

There are some exceptions that may grant the return or movement of ships and characters to different locations. Read the article below carefully for all the details!

Inaccessible Assets and Returning Players


Can't find your items?

If you are starting EVE again and can't seem to locate the items or ships you had before your break, there are ways to locate them again! The reasons these items may be missing include the structure they were in being destroyed or the ownership of the item changed.

First, check your Asset Safety. Items may be placed in Asset Safety if the structure they were in was destroyed. Find out about how to access your Asset Safety inventory here.

If your items aren't in Asset Safety, the structure the items were in may have become "Abandoned". Abandoned structures do not send the items they contain to the Asset Safety system when they are destroyed, and instead drop them into space. This article explains how structures become Abandoned, and what happens to their items.

If you are the CEO or Director of a corporation and find that some of your corporation's items are missing, they may have been "Impounded". Read this article if you are coming back to an old corporation.

Remember to always check the inventories of all your other characters if you are missing anything!


Having Technical Issues?

Our Help Center has detailed articles on many of the most common issues you may encounter when running EVE Online. Check them out by browsing the section linked below.

Our Technical Support Section


How to contact our Support Team

There are a variety of ways to get in touch with a member of our Player Experience Team for assistance should you have any questions:

  1. Support ticket - You can send a ticket via the "Submit A Request" button on the Help Center.
  2. Email - Send us a message directly via email to which will create a support ticket.
  3. Social Media - Send us a direct message via Twitter (@EVEOnline) or Facebook (EVE Online).
  4. In-game - We don't offer direct support from within the game client, but you can open the "Help" window in the game client by pressing F12 for a variety of options.

You can also use the Help Center "Search" function to see if any article already provides an answer to your question.

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