Impounded Corporation Assets

A corporation may find some of its assets to be "Impounded" inside stations, which CEOs and Directors may release through paying a fee that equals 50% of the current rental price for offices in the respective station. The reasons for items ending up in "Impounded" are:

  • A corporation office has been unrented while still having items in the corporation hangar. All remaining hangar contents will be moved to the "Impounded" section of the respective station.

  • A character has been terminated while being a member of the corporation. A player corporation will inherit all assets of characters that have been deleted while being members of the corporation. All assets of those characters will be delivered into the "Impounded" section of the corporation, in the station the assets are located at the time. The corporation will receive a notification whenever a member's character is terminated.

  • Blueprints returning from delivered corporation jobs will be moved to the "Impounded" section of the station in cases where the corporation no longer has an office rented at the time of delivery.

Should a corporation have re-rented an office in a station where it has impounded items, those can be delivered into the corporation hangar without additional fees.

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