Corporation Offices

A corporation may rent an office at any station with available office slots, that allow corporations to rent offices. Stations owned by NPC corporations generally allow everyone to rent an office slot, while Stations owned by players may limit the rental of offices to corporations they hold in good standing.


Each corporation office will provide the corporation with a set of features in the station it was rented at:

  • A divisional corporation hangar
  • The ability for the corporation members to select the station as their Home medical station.
  • CEOs, Directors and Security Officers may inspect the contents of the personal hangars of corporation members on NPC stations where the corporation owns an office. Items may be added to the members personal hangars but not removed. Contents of containers in the corporation member's private hangar cannot be checked either.


Office Rent



Office rental involves a rental fee. The rental cycle is 30 days, with the first payment automatically being deducted when the office is rented for the first time. The Corporation will immediately receive a bill for the second rental cycle. This bill must be paid before the first rental cycle ends if the corporation wishes to keep the office beyond the first 30 days. If the bills are paid on time, the corporation will always receive a bill at the beginning of a rental cycle which will be due for the following rental period. Office rental bills can be set to be paid through the automatic payment system of the corporation. The rental cost is dynamic and will change daily depending on how many of the available offices on the station are rented out. The minimum office rent is 10.000 ISK, but there is no upper limit. A bill will always be sent for the current price of an office slot on the station on the day the bill is issued and will remain unchanged until the bill is paid.



An office unrents in the following situations:


  • The offices rental bill has not been paid and the due date has passed
  • A CEO or Director explicitly unrents the office via the "Unrent Office" button in the "Office Folder" of the station services or the "Unrent Office" menu entry in the context menu of the office list in the Corporation Details of the corporation management window.


Any items located within the corporation hangar of an office that is being unrented will be moved to the "Impounded" area of the corporation on the station where the office had been rented.

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