Heraldry and Emblems

The Heraldry systems allows players to display corporation and alliance logos on their ships in the form of Emblems, broadcasting their allegiance to those around them. These Emblems can be purchased with EverMarks, which are given to players for completing Paragon Missions.


Earning EverMarks

The Paragon Missions which award EverMarks can be started in any Paragon station. To find a Paragon station, simply search for "Paragon" and set destination to a preferred location.

Once at a Paragon station, open the Agents tab and begin a conversation with IRIS. Completing a Paragon Mission will reward EverMarks which can then be used to purchase Emblems.

Please be aware of the following details regarding Paragon Missions.

  • Paragon Missions will be offered once every 23 hours from IRIS in Paragon stations
  • Paragon Missions are the only way to earn EverMarks
  • Paragon Missions consist of delivering packaged ship hulls from a select list of possibilities. Players can either manufacture the ship hulls themselves or buy them from the market and then deliver them
  • Omega characters receive 10x as many EverMarks as Alpha characters


Donating EverMarks

Players can also donate EverMarks directly to their corporation or Executive Corporation of an Alliance if the corporation belongs to one.

  • Donations are only possible if the player has been a corporation member for at least 30 days
  • The same 30 days rule applies to Executive corporation donations. The corporation and the Executive corporation must be part of the same Alliance for at least 30 days to unlock EverMark transfers
  • EverMark donation functionalities are accessible via the Wallet
  • Players cannot donate EverMarks to NPC Corporations


Purchasing Emblems

Emblems can be purchased in any Paragon station by entering the Loyalty Point Store menu. The desired ship hulls can be found by using the search bar. Please be sure to read the description of the Emblem carefully when purchasing, as corporation and alliance Emblems can appear similar.

Once a corporation or alliance Emblem is acquired for a specific ship, it can be toggled on and off as desired. 

Be aware that the following rules apply to purchased Emblems.

  • Purchasing a specific Emblem is limited to one per character
  • Purchased Emblems are not tradeable and are immediately injected into the redeeming character
  • The Personalization tab in the fitting window will allow you to equip both Emblems and ship SKINs


Displaying Emblems

Once purchased, corporation and alliance Emblems can be applied to ships through the Ship Fitting window, under the Personalization tab.

Both a corporation Emblem and an Alliance Emblem can be displayed on a ship at the same time.


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