Corporation Votes

Several different votes can be started within the "Politics" tab of the corporation management window. Once a vote has been initiated, all shareholders may vote on the available options, with each share representing a vote. The option that gains more than 50% of cast votes wins the vote.

The following votes are available:

  • Run for CEO
    Allows for replacing the current CEO by force with the character that started the vote. Starting the vote will strip the CEO of all roles for the duration of the vote, but they will be restored if the vote fails. If the vote succeeds, the vote initiator will become the new CEO of the corporation, but it will take a few days for all roles to be transferred to the new CEO.

    To initiate the vote, a corporation member must meet the following requirements:
      • Be a member of the corporation
      • Have more than 5% of the corporations share in his own wallet 
      • "Corporation Management" trained to at least level 1
  • Create shares
    Allows the corporation to create additional shares. This vote needs sanctioning by the CEO once it passes, and the new shares will be added to the corporation wallet once sanctioned.

  • Lock Blueprint
    Allows locking down a blueprint original within the corporation hangar of a corporation office. Locked blueprints cannot be moved at all while locked but may be used in industry related activities at the corporation office. Starting the vote will immediately lock down the blueprint for the duration of the vote and it will remain locked if the vote passes.

  • Unlock Blueprint
    Used to unlock a blueprint that has been locked down with the "Lock Blueprint" vote. Once the vote has been passed successfully, it needs to be sanctioned by the CEO in order to complete the unlocking process.

  • Expel Member
    A corporation member that owns more than the average amount of shares per shareholder cannot simply be expelled from the corporation and an "Expel Member" vote is required to remove him from the corporation. This vote needs to be successful in order to remove them from the corporation. Starting the vote will remove all roles from the member in question and if the vote is successful then the member is expelled as soon as the CEO sanctions the successful vote. If the vote fails, then all rights and roles will be restored to the corporation member in question.

  • General Vote
    A simple poll offering the options put down by the vote creator. This vote has no direct effect on any gameplay aspect.

Successful votes that need to be sanctioned in order to be put into effect (Unlock Blueprint, Create Shares and Expel Member) can be put into effect only by the CEO within the "Politics"-> "Sanctionable Actions" -> "Pending" tab of the corporation management.

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