CEO and Directors


The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) role is a special role in regards that it can only be held by a single character within the corporation at all times. The CEO is also the only character in the corporation that can assign or remove the "Director" role. The CEO role cannot be assigned directly without the current CEO stepping down or being voted out. The founder of a corporation will always be CEO of his newly founded corporation.

Giving up the CEO role

The current CEO can resign by right clicking his own character within any chat or character search and selecting "Resign as CEO". This will bring up a list of possible successors, which offers members of the corporation that meet the following criteria:

  • Willing to accept new roles
  • Has the skill "Corporation Management" injected (training to level 1 is not actually necessary, but recommended)

The resigning CEO may then choose one of those members, who will immediately become the new CEO of the corporation (whether he wants it or not). The now resigned CEO will regain any roles they had prior to becoming CEO, if any such roles were in place prior to taking the CEO position. If there is no member within the corporation that fulfills the above requirements, the CEO will receive the following warning (blocks all other actions in the client, not suppressible) instead:





Once this warning is confirmed, all remaining members of the corporation will be kicked (and join the respective NPC corporations for their race and bloodline) and the corporation will be irreversibly closed.

Replacing a CEO by force

If the current CEO becomes inactive and another member of the corporation wishes to forcefully remove him and take his spot, this can be achieved through a "Run for CEO" vote by the player wishing to take over the CEO role in the corporation. In order to be able to start such a vote, the respective player needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Required corporation management skill set to run the corporation
  • Have more than 5% of the corporations share in his own wallet 
  • Be a member of the corporation

The current CEO will lose all access rights as soon as such a vote is successfully started and lose the role if more than 50% of the votes cast voted for the new CEO. Once the vote completes successfully, the new CEO will receive the CEO title immediately, but he won't be able to fully use all rights for a few days after the vote completion. This is done to give the directors of the corporation a reaction window regarding corporation assets, in case the takeover happened with malicious intent. If a "Run for CEO" vote fails, the old CEO will regain all rights as soon as the vote ends.


Generally, a Director has complete and full access to all aspects of the corporation, like the CEO. The only difference to a CEO is that a Director may not name other directors or remove the director role from another director.

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