Welcome to New Eden

Welcome Capsuleer!

Below are some useful guides and references to help you start your new life in the EVE Online universe, called New Eden.


CCP Player Experience Team and Help Center
Possibly the most important resource is the EVE Online Help Center, which is where you are reading this article. The CCP Player Experience team have written dozens of articles to help guide you through understanding EVE Online. 

If you ever want to get in touch with the Game Masters (GM), who make up the support team, you can submit a support ticket by clicking on the Submit A Request button or email support@eveonline.com


The Agency (Or what do I do now?)

Probably the biggest question new players have is 'What do I do now?' or 'How do I make money (ISK)? 

The Agency window helps you find activities in New Eden for you to do. Click on the Agency icon, located on the Neocom to the left of your screen. 


Be sure to look through the tabs (Agents and Missions, Encounters, Exploration etc.) and hover over the '?' icon to get an idea of what each activity involves. 



Useful In-Game Chat Channels
If you are not already in the channels, it's certainly worth joining the 'Rookie Help' and general Help channels in-game. You can join the channels by:

  • Clicking on the '+' icon located at the top of any chat channel window.
  • Clicking on the speech bubble on your Neocom, and selecting 'Channels'.
  • Then either typing 'Rookie Help' in the search box or clicking 'Join' next to the Rookie Help entry in the channel list.





Corporation Recruitment
Flying solo in New Eden is fun, but for the full EVE Online experience we always recommend that players join a corporation. Corporation members can provide help in guiding you through the early stages of your career as well as assistance with acquiring modules, ships and providing a sense of purpose and direction to your game play. 

There is a 'Corporation Recruitment' tool in-game which can be used to find a corporation to join based on criteria which matches your time-zone, language and aspect of game play (PVE, PvP, Mining, Mission Running etc.) which you enjoy. 

You can find the corporation recruitment tool by clicking at the 'E' icon at the top of the Neocom, then selecting 'Social' and finally 'Corporation'. Be sure to click on the 'Recruitment' tab at the top of the window to start your search. 


 Filtering for corporations which are "New-Pilot Friendly' would be a good start. 

In-Game Events
Frequently there are events in-game which provide objectives, opportunities for enrichment or gifts such as boosters or ship SKINs.  Keep an eye on the official EVE Online News site for details about events and game updates. 


Venture Ship SKINs
Finally, if you are fortunate enough to be starting your life in New Eden with access to a ship SKIN, such as one of the Venture Livery SKINs, then you can find information on how to apply it to your ship by reading the Ship SKINs help article.

 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the support team.

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