Using SKINR to Create Ship SKINs

The SKINR tool allows Capsuleers to create and distribute their own unique ship SKINs to the rest of New Eden on the market.

Using a combination of materials and patterns, pilots can contribute to the vibrant tradition of heraldry and potentially make a name for themselves as creators of popular ship fashions.


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What is Needed to Create SKIN Designs

All SKIN Designs require that certain Resources and Currency be used when they are created. The exact amount of these depends on the Group of the ship and how many Components are used.

The resources needed can be acquired as loot drops from NPCs, from faction corporations when given Loyalty Points, on the market for ISK, or from the store in exchange for for PLEX. 

Kerr Sequencer Consumed by basic Nanocoatings when sequencing a SKIN
Fermionic Sequencer Consumed by Metallic Nanocoatings when sequencing a SKIN
Alignment Sequencer Consumed by Patterns when sequencing a SKIN


More details about Nanocoatings and Patterns in the sections below.


Creating a SKIN Design

The first step in the SKIN creation process is to open the Ship SKINR menu located in the Paragon Services section of the Neocom.


The Studio tab will open by default and the Create New Design button can be clicked to begin Design creation.

Now the Hull Selection menu will appear with search and browsing functions to assist in finding the correct ship. Once a hull is selected, elements can be applied to four material slots and one pattern slot.

Preveiw 1.JPG

  • Material slots can be filled with various types of elements like Nanocoatings and Metallics. Selecting an element will apply it to the 3D ship preview for closer examination.

Preview 2.JPGPreview 3.JPG

  • Pattern slots hold patterns which can be placed across the ship in order to make unique markings. Once a pattern slot has been clicked, the Pattern Projection Tool will open and assist in making placing the patterns precisely.
    • The Pattern Projection tool can be manipulated with keyboard shortcuts or on-screen sliders to change the position, angle, and scaling of the chosen pattern. Additionally, the mirror option allows the pattern to be mirrored on its axis while the camera option allows the camera position to move the pattern.

Sliders for Fine-Tuning:

  • Orbital: Adjust the orbital placement of the pattern.
  • Offset: Modify the pattern's offset.
  • Rotate & Scale: Rotate and scale the pattern as needed.
  • Mirror: Enable or disable pattern mirroring.
  • Camera: Adjust the camera view for better pattern placement.
  • Pattern Projection: Choose how the pattern projects onto the ship's surface.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Pattern Projection Tool Control:

  • ctrl + LMB: Orbital placement.
  • ctrl + RMB: Planar offset.
  • ctrl + Scroll: Twist the pattern.
  • ctrl + LMB + RMB + Move: Scale the pattern.
  • ctrl + RMB (double click): Reset offset.





Preview 4.JPG

Once the desired effect has been achieved, the Design can be saved or sequenced.

  • Click the Save button to enter a name for the SKIN design and optionally for the SKIN Line name. Once a design has been saved, the Studio tab will be opened where the saved designs can be viewed and edited.
  • Clicking the Create SKIN button on the bottom right will open the Design Sequencing page.

Note: Changing your graphics settings may alter the appearance of the SKIN.


The Time to Sequence a SKIN

Before moving on to Sequencing the Design, the time it will take for it to be fully sequenced is based on several factors such as the chosen ship hull, the Components used, and the level of the pilot’s Sequencing Time Modifier skills. These factors combine to determines its Sequencing duration with higher class ships and Components generally adding up to longer Sequencing times. 


Sequencing a Design

The Design Sequencing page will display both the design's appearance as well as the materials and currency that will be spent to create it.

Changing the amount of SKINs to be sequenced will affect the amount of materials and currency needed as well as the time until the sequencing is completed.

  • If the design is incorrect or more edits need to be made, pressing the Back button located in the top right will reopen the 3D preview window.


If everything appears correct, the Start Sequencing button can be pressed to begin the process and return to the Studio tab.

Active Sequencing jobs can be seen here and hovering over their icons will display and option to complete the job immediately in exchange for PLEX.

Preview 5.JPG


The Collection Tab

Collection SKINs

Once a sequencing job is complete, the SKIN License for that created design is delivered to the character's Collection. Clicking the Collection SKINs Tab will display the character's active and unactivated SKINs.

Selecting any of the SKIN Licenses will allow the License to be activated, activated & applied (if the design is for the character’s active ship), or sold on the market if the SKIN License has not been activated.

  • If the sell option is chosen, the License's price, listing length, and amount can be set. The License to be sold will then be moved from the character's Collection to the Paragon Hub.

Collection Design Elements

The Collection Design Elements tab contains the Nanocoatings, Metallics, Patterns, and any other elements owned by the character. Each of these can be previewed once they are selected.


The Paragon Hub

Paragon Hub SKINs Tab

When a SKIN License is listed for sale it will appear within the Paragon Hub's SKIN tab. 

  • If the listing was made by the character, it will appear under the All SKINs and My Listings sections. If the license can be applied to the character's active ship, it will also appear under the Active Ship SKINs section.

Clicking any of the displayed SKIN Licenses will show a preview of the SKIN, information about its Design, and the option to purchase it. Purchasing a design via the Buy SKIN button will grant the character the purchased SKIN License and add it to their Collection.

Paragon Hub Design Elements Tab

The Elements Tab displays a range of Nanocoatings, Metallics, and Patterns which can be purchased by the character for PLEX. Selecting an element will allow it to be previewed and purchasing an element will add it to the character's Collection Design Elements tab.



SKIN Design Quick Facts

Who can Create SKIN Designs?

All players can create designs and save them, but certain restrictions apply for Alpha pilots.

Alpha Omega
Can Create and Save Designs for all Ships Can Create and Save Designs for all Ships
Can Sequence SKINs for Ships available to Alpha Pilots Can Sequence SKINs for All Ships


What Skills do I need to Create SKINs?

Certain Skills affect SKIN design, sequencing time, and selling them on the market. Aspiring SKIN designers should consider training into the following:

Skill Effect

Sequencing Time Modifier Skills:
Basic Induction

Induction Efficiency

Advanced Induction Efficiency

Peak Induction Acceleration

Reduces sequencing time

Mass Sequencing Skills:

Batch Sequencing

Mass Sequencing

Industrial Sequencing

Allows sequencing of multiple copies of a design

Multi-SKIN Sequencing Skills:

Parallel Sequencing

Multi-thread Sequencing

Allows the sequencing of multiple different designs at once

SKIN Selling Skills:

Hub Promotion

Hub Algorithm Optimization

Allows the listing of more SKINs on the Hub
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