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What is the EVE Online Excel add-in

The EVE Online Excel Add-In allows for easy access to the game data in Microsoft Excel.

The data is available for both public information like universe or blueprint data, and for private information like your character or corporation assets, or wallet records.

Technical Requirements

  • Excel on Mac (Microsoft 365)
  • Excel on Windows (Microsoft 365)
  • Excel on the web (Free for personal use)

Note: 2021 / 2019 retail Excel is not supported on Windows.


The add-in can be downloaded from Microsoft Store accessed directly through Excel.

To install the add-in:

  1. Open Excel on desktop or access the Web Excel
  2. Open the Insert Menu
  3. Open the My Add-ins or Add-ins menu
  4. Select STORE tab
  5. Search for EVE Online

After installing the add-in, a new EVE Online button will appear at the end of the Home menu.

EVE Online Icon

Clicking the EVE Online icon opens the EVE Online Add-In side panel. The panel allows for adding your characters by logging in with your EVE accounts.

Adding Character

Clicking on Add character will open a login window. Once you login, you can select a character from that account and click authorize. A new window will show you a list of things you are authorizing for import. Scroll down to the bottom and click on authorize to allow excel to import information about your selected character. You can add additional characters by clicking on the add character button again. 

Adding Additional Characters

If you click on add a character again you will be able to select another character on the same account or click on Switch user. Clicking on switch user allows you to login to another account to pick characters from there.

If you click add a character again you will be able to select a character to the current logged in account. If you wish to add a character from a previous account, you will need to click switch user again and login to that account again.


Functions are split into three categories:

  • Public
  • Character
  • Corporation


Functions that do not require adding any characters and which provide publicly available information about characters, corporations, blueprints, item types, market orders, etc.


Functions that require adding at least one character and which provide private information about assets, clones, market orders, skills, wallet records, and so on for the characters that have been added.


Functions that require adding at least one character that holds appropriate roles within its corporation and which provide information about corporation assets, industry jobs, market orders, etc.

Using Functions

All functions of the add-in are grouped in EVEONLINE.function_name namespace.





Entity Data Type

The add-in functions return data in form of an entity data type or an array of entities.
Data entity takes one cell and may have multiple attributes. The value of an attribute can be a string or number, or another data entity.

The attributes of data entity can be viewed in a card by clicking on data entity’s icon in the cell.

By pressing the extract button next to an attribute, it will extracted to the next available cell to the right. This can be repeated for each attribute.

The same can be achieved by clicking on the extract button on the entity itself. This will present a list of all its attributes with an option to extract them to the cell to the right.

The attributes can also be accessed with “.” notation directly from the entity.

  • =EVEONLINE.TYPE(645).description

Or from the reference to the entity’s cell

  • =A3.description (if the entity is in the cell A3)

Chaining Attributes

Chained “.” notation allows for accessing nested entities' attributes.


Arrays of Entities

Some functions return an array of entities.

Excel allows referring to an attribute of multiple entities in an array with # notation.

Example Workbook

HERE is an example workbook using several functions of the add-in to demonstrate its capabilities. Save it to your desktop or OneDrive folder to be able to edit it.

It is a good starting point for using the add-in as it contains several ready-made reports that will automatically populate after adding your characters.

  • Characters information
  • Skills summary
  • Clones
  • Finances
  • Market Transactions and Orders
  • Item’s Market Details
  • Assets
  • Industry Jobs
  • Blueprints
  • Manufacturing Profitability Calculator


If the user is already running excel when an update occurs, the user will have to reload the page to get the update. If an update occurs while the player is offline the plugin should update the next time Excel is started.

Bug reporting

To report bugs with the add-in press F12 while in-game and click on the Report Bug button, then select the Report bug option. Make sure to detail the issue and add any screenshots you may have to the bug report.


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