Inaccessible Assets and Returning players

Over the course of a player's time in New Eden it is possible that some of their assets may end up in locations that are no longer accessible to them. This typically happens to players who store assets in players owned null security stations. Such assets are not able to be recovered by Game Masters on behalf of the player. They may be sold or recovered through such game mechanics as contracts or jump clones, if they are available. They can also be recovered through Asset Safety. 

If a player does not log into the game for some time then their character and piloted ship may be automatically moved to their home station. Some ships, such as capital ships, may not be moved. It is not guaranteed that a character and their ship will be moved due to extended absence. 

  • Rookie ships and capsules may be moved if the character last logoff was greater than or equal to 90 days.
  • Other ships (excluding Capitals and some other ships) may be moved if the character last logoff was greater than or equal to 210 days.

Players who return to the game after an extended absence of several months may find themselves trapped in a location which restricts their ability to relocate them-self and their current ship. In such situations players may have their character and current ship moved by Customer Support. Such a move is entirely at the discretion of Customer Support and not all movement requests will be granted. Ships sporting their own jump drive are assumed to be capable of jumping themselves out quickly without the usage of a gate and freighters are also excluded from this policy.

  • Titan: Avatar, Leviathan, Ragnarok, Erebus, Molok, Komodo
  • Supercarrier: Hel, Nyx, Wyvern, Aeon, Revenant, Vendetta
  • Capital Industrial: Rorqual
  • Dreadnaught: Phoenix, Moros, Naglfar, Revelation, Chemosh, Vehement, Caiman
  • Carrier: Thanatos, Nidhoggur, Chimera, Archon
  • Force Auxiliary: Apostle, Minokawa, Ninazu, Lif, Dagon, Loggerhead
  • Jump Freighter: Anshar, Nomad, Rhea, Ark
  • Black Ops: Sin, Panther, Widow, Redeemer
  • Freighters: Providence, Obelisk, Fenrir, Charon, Bowhead, Avalanche

The Freighters listed below have an exception and can be granted a move on a case by case basis from Triglavian Space, but please note that only Freighters located in Pochven and owned by players before the region's creation are eligible. Freighters that were built or purchased in Pochven after the region's creation will not be moved.

  • Freighters: Providence, Obelisk, Fenrir, Charon, Bowhead
    • Avalanche freighters are not eligible as they were released after Triglavian Space.  

Any player who feels they qualify for a move and are not in one of the above ships, are asked to submit a support ticket under the 'Game Play Support' -> 'Stuck Characters' category.


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