Upwell Structures - Quick Facts

Upwell Structure Construction

  • Both Structure Components and the Upwell Structures themselves can be built in NPC stations as well as Upwell Structures with online manufacturing services.


Anchoring and Unanchoring

  • As soon as an Upwell structure begins anchoring, it becomes visible on the sensor overlay (blue signature) and anyone can warp directly to it.
  • Anyone can scoop an unanchored Upwell structure from space.
  • Once anchored, an Upwell structure is vulnerable for 15 minutes before being fully repaired. If attacked during these 15 minutes then the repair timer is paused. It is also reset if it occurs during daily downtime.
  • Upwell structures will only come online after being anchored if a Quantum Core of the appropriate type is inserted. More details on Quantum Cores can be found in the Structure Management article.
  • If your alliance doesn't control the Infrastructure Hub of the system, anchoring an Upwell structure takes an extra day per level of Strategic Index. It will still be invulnerable during the entire anchoring process.
  • Unanchoring timer is only displayed when the structure has been selected. The time of completion for the unanchoring is usually 7 days after the notification about the unanchoring has been sent, if the process runs its course undisturbed.
  • An unanchored structure needs to be scooped and relaunched in order to re-anchor it.
  • In systems claimed by an alliance that have an Activity Defense Multiplier of 4 or higher, only members of the claiming alliance may anchor medium Upwell Structures (Astrahus, Raitaru or Athanor)



  • Two rigs of the same kind cannot be equipped (even tech 1 and tech 2 variants) to an Upwell structure.
  • Upwell structures themselves do not consume fuel but their Service Modules do.
  • If a Service Module is disabled then nothing is lost, but services such as jump clones and market orders will become unavailable until the service is brought back online.
  • If a structure has at least one service module online, it is considered to be in "Full Power" mode and will undergo an additional reinforcement cycle should it come under attack. If no service modules are installed or online, the structure will be considered to be at "low power" and will be considerably easier to destroy. More details on structure vulnerability can be found within the Upwell Structures Vulnerability States article.


Access Rights

  • If you have docking rights at an Upwell structure, it can be visible on your overview.
  • Ships can still be bumped while tethered. This means they can be bumped outside of tethering range.
  • Ships that are successfully warp disrupted/scrambled beyond their warp strength cannot dock at an Upwell structure.


Market Service

  • Installing the appropriate service module allows the use of the market in Large and X-Large Upwell structures
  • Market Broker fees are controlled by and paid to the structures owner.


Cloning Service

  • The cost of installing a jump clone is set by the structure's owner.
  • Jump clones and their implants are lost when a structure is destroyed or unanchored, or when the cloning service is removed.
  • Jumping to a jump clone within the Upwell structure currently docked at will switch the clones without incurring a jump timer.



  • Manufacturing and research jobs can be made available in Upwell structures via the respective Service Modules.
  • If the service module for Manufacturing or Research services goes offline, the respective jobs in the structure will be paused until the service comes back online.
  • If the service module for Manufacturing or Research is removed, or the structure is destroyed, the respective jobs will be cancelled. No material will be refunded for cancelled jobs.



  • The Deliver function, in the right-click menu, allows you to move an item in your hangar to another capsuleer's hangar. It does not allow to deliver into a corporation's delivery hangar.
  • It is possible to deposit items into the pilots hangar without docking at the structure, within certain limits. The Upwell Cargo Deposit does not require access rights to the structure, and items can only be deposited into the structure this way, not removed from it. In order to remove assets from an Upwell Structure that is not accessible, Asset Safety has to be manually triggered.



  • Corporation office slots available for rent at Upwell structures are unlimited.
  • If a corporation unrents an office in an Upwell structure, then all remaining assets in the corporate hangars will be put into Asset Safety.
  • Corporations with active Upwell Structures in space can not disband. In order to disband, the structures need to be unanchored or transferred to another corporation first.


Asset Safety

In Known space:

  • If an Upwell structure is unanchored, all assets in hangars are subject to Asset Safety and automatically relocated accordingly.
  • If an Upwell structure is destroyed, the assets will go to Asset Safety OR drop depending on the structure's state:
    • If the structure is in abandoned state, all assets are ejected into containers
    • If the structure is in any other state, all assets in hangars are subject to Asset Safety and automatically relocated accordingly.
  • Manual triggering of Asset Safety is possible at any moment before the structure is destroyed.

In Wormhole space:

  • If the structure is located in wormhole space all items that would be subject to Asset Safety will instead be ejected into Asset Safety Containers around the position of the structure.


  • Ships boarded by a pilot will not be moved into asset safety. If online, they will be ejected into space. If offline, they will be moved into space at the next log in of the pilot.
  • Quantum Cores inserted into Upwell structures always drop when the structure is destroyed.


Upwell Structure Defense

  • Upwell structures cannot defend themselves automatically and a capsuleer must assume direct control to use its defensive modules.
  • Structures in low power mode will have only basic stats.
  • Large and Extra-Large structures in full power will have their shield and armor HP increased and will require all three layers to be destroyed in 3 separate attacks.
  • Medium structures in full power will have their shield and armor HP increased but will require all three layers to be destroyed in only 2 separate attacks.
  • The capsuleer controlling an Upwell structure will not receive suspect or criminal flags as the structure's Safety Setting is always set to Green and cannot be changed.
  • Upwell structure modules and fighters require no skill to operate.
  • Upwell structure modules and their fighters are unaffected by Implants, Wormhole effects and standard skills except skills specific to the structure: Structure Doomsday Operation, Structure Electronic Systems, Structure Engineering Systems, Structure Missile Systems.
  • Upwell structures cannot be remotely repaired.
  • Only the Standup versions of Fighters can be used on Structures.


Capital Ships

  • Capital Ships and Super Capital Ships can only dock at certain Upwell structures. Detailed Docking Limitations for each Upwell structure can be found in the Upwell structures article.
  • Any kind of Cynosural Jump to a structure will incur a 30s tethering delay after the post jump invulnerability drops. This delay only prevents tethering, docking will still be possible if the structure can dock Capitals and docking permissions have been granted to the pilot.


  • A corporation deploying their first structure will automatically become eligible for wars
  • If a structure designated as War HQ for a war is destroyed, that war will be ended.
  • If a corporation loses their last structure, they will become ineligible for new wars and all ongoing wars end.
  • Structures belonging to corporations that are members of a factional war effort may not always tether ships. Check Upwell Structure Ship Tethering for details.


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