Ship Safety Setting

The safety setting of a ship allows players to protect themselves from accidentally performing actions that may result in ship destructions by law enforcement. The safety setting can be accessed through the safety button on the central HUD:

There are three settings:

  • Safety Enabled

    This setting will prevent any action or module activation that would incur a suspect flag or cause a CONCORD reaction. It will still allow attacks on anyone that can be legally attacked, such as dueling and war targets, which may still return fire and destroy the ship in retaliation.

  • Partial Safety

    Partial Safety will allow to perform actions that will result in a Suspect Flag, such as removing items from containers or wrecks from other players or attacking another players personal deployable structure. It will, however, still prevent actions that would result in a CONCORD reaction. 

  • Safety Disabled

    If Safety has been disabled, no actions will be prevented at all, even if they would result in a ship destruction by CONCORD. It is not recommended to disable the ship safety for most gameplay.
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