Suspect Timer

The Suspect Timer is only applicable in Empire-owned space (0.1 to 1.0). The Suspect Timer allows any other player to attack the pilot without penalty while the timer is active. CONCORD and gate guns will not defend the suspect, nor will the attacker receive any standing penalty for initiating an attack on a suspect. The Suspect Timer lasts for 15 minutes, and actions that will activate the timer differ depending on the Security Status of the star system. The Suspect Timer can be extended to 15 minutes again, if further actions are performed which would normally cause a Suspect Timer. Pod killing a Capsuleer with an active Suspect Timer will not result in security status loss or CONCORD response.

In high-security space, a pilot can acquire a Suspect Timer by performing any of the following actions:

  • Stealing from a container or wreck.
  • Engaging Mobile Structures, such as Mobile Tractor Units or Mobile Depots
  • By having a kill right activated on them.

In low-security space, attacking a player's ship (not their capsule) with any offensive module, including Smartbombs and other non-targeted weapons, will provoke a Suspect Timer. Stealing from a container will also provoke the timer, although assisting outlaw players in low security space will not.

Players can find more information about the Suspect Timer and other Crimewatch timers in the 'Introducing the new and improved Crimewatch' dev blog.

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