Weapon and Logoff Timers

Weapons Timer



The Weapons Timer becomes active when a player activates any offensive module (weapons, stasis webifier etc.) upon another player. Some non-targeted modules, such as Smartbombs or Bastion Modules, will also cause a weapons timer when activated. Regardless of the Security status of the star system, having an active Weapons Timer will prevent docking at any station, jumping through stargates, ejecting from or boarding another ship while in space and storing a ship in a corporation or fleet hangar. This timer lasts for 60 seconds, starting to count down after all aggression has stopped and the respective modules deactivated. The timer will renew each time further offensive action is taken.


Log-Off Timers

Logging off with no timers will cause a ship to remain in space for 60 seconds after it has completed ongoing warps. This can be reduced to 30 seconds by utilizing the "Safe Logoff" feature, which can be initiated by right clicking on the ships HUD and selecting the 'Log off Safely' option or using the "Log off safely" button in the game options.

  • NOTE: Log-off timers will only start counting down once all active modules have completed their current cycles and all ongoing warp commands at the time of log off have fully finished the warp.

Non-Capsuleer Log-Off Timer

Non-Capsuleer Log-Off timers become active when a player activates any offensive module against an NPC vessel of any kind, or when an NPC vessel activates an offensive module on the player. This timer lasts for five minutes, and will cause ships to remain in space for a full 5 minutes after logging off and having completed active warps. This 5 minute timer is not extended even if NPCs continue their aggression after the player logs off, unlike the Capsuleer Log-Off timer.

Capsuleer Log-Off Timer

The Capsuleer Log-Off Timer is activated when an offensive module is used on another player (including non-targeted weapons like Smartbombs or ECM Bursts) or the ship is being attacked by another player in any capacity. This timer lasts for fifteen minutes, and affected ships will remain in space for a full 15 minutes after logging off and completing any ongoing warp. The timer will reset on each attack of the affected ship, independently of the pilot being online or not. This means a ship under attack will remain in space until the attacks on it have stopped fully more than 15 minutes.
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