Duels & Limited Engagements

A "Limited Engagement" is a permission between two pilots to freely engage each other or their assets in combat without interference of CONCORD. Limited Engagements are created on attacks towards other pilots that are under a suspect or criminal flag to allow them to defend themselves but can also be gained from accepting a Duel Request. All "Limited Engagements" are active for 5 minutes and will reset if combat occurs within that time frame. An active "Limited Engagement" will be indicated by a turquoise swords symbol and hovering over the symbol will reveal the names of the pilots that the engagements are active for, as well as the remaining time of the engagement for each pilot.

While a limited engagement is active, the involved pilots may freely engage each other, including attacks on capsules or any other assets. Any other pilot interfering in the combat between two pilots with active limited engagements, such as using remote support modules on one of the parties, will receive a Criminal flag for this interference in High Security space, and a Suspect flag in Low Security space.

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