Effective security response with heightened Triglavian presence.

In a solar system with a heightened Triglavian presence, the effective CONCORD security response time may be reduced, as CONCORD forces are diverted away from normal activities to help combat the invasion. When this happens, CONCORD will no longer issue penalties for Capsuleer on Capsuleer transgressions, such as those that result in a Suspect timer or Criminal timer





  • Crimes against other Capsuleers will go unpunished by CONCORD, or they may take longer to retaliate; their response time and penalty level is reduced.
  • Prohibited modules and deployables, such as Cynosural Field Generators and Bomb Launchers, will continue to be restricted.
  • Gate ship restrictions will continue to apply, such as no capital ships being allowed in high security space.

Agent Missions

  • As the safety of Capsuleers and normal peoples within these affected systems is called into question, agents will cease to hand out new missions from these systems. If the Triglavian threat is reduced however, and CONCORD returns to service, missions will again be issued. Capsuleers will still be able to contact their agents to discuss and complete any ongoing missions they have throughout this change.


  • Industry jobs will continue to run and be priced in accordance with the actual Security Level of the system. They are not affected by a reduced security response time and any restrictions previously in place will continue. For example, the manufacturing of Capital ships in High Security space is prohibited.
  • The resources available in the asteroid belts and moons of a system being invaded by the Triglavians will not be altered. 


  • The rules governing Upwell Structure deployment will continue to apply. That is, those structures restricted from high security space will continue to be restricted, such as Upwell FLEX structures
  • Structure Vulnerability mechanics will continue to apply. They are not affected by a reduced security response time.
  • Upwell Structure Fitting restrictions will continue to apply. That is, those Service Modules restricted from being fitted in structures in high security space will continue to be restricted.
  • Starbases will still require their relevant charters in High Security space.


If the HQ of a war is situated in a system that is affected by the Triglavian Invasion to such an extent that the Effective Security Response Time falls to a level equal or below that of a Low Security system, the war will be invalidated. This is because the CONCORD presence would not be considered on par with a Low Security system, and the HQ structure would no longer be eligible for use. Only Upwell structures in High Security systems can be selected as the HQ of a war. Further details on Wars can be found here

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