Criminal Timer

Like the Suspect Timer, the Criminal Timer only applies in Empire space. The Criminal Timer, if triggered, will always override a Suspect Timer and any further actions that would ordinarily provoke a Suspect Timer will extend the Criminal Timer by the same amount. As with the Suspect Timer, the Security Status of the star system will affect the actions that provoke the flag.

In high-security space, activating any offensive module on another player's ship, capsule or assets that the player is not legitimately allowed to attack (war targets, for example), including non-targeted modules like Smartbombs, will provoke a Criminal Timer, as will assisting a player with a Criminal Timer. If a player receives a Criminal Timer in high security space (or jump into high security space with an active criminal timer acquired elsewhere), they will not be able to initiate warp, or jump through a stargate and CONCORD will spawn and attack them, gate/station sentry guns will fire upon the criminal, and any player may fire on the pilot without penalty. Any jettisoned wrecks or containers will be automatically abandoned, allowing any other player to take from them without penalty.

While in low-security space, players will acquire a Criminal Timer for activating any offensive module against another player's capsule, and for directly assisting any other player in possession of a Criminal Timer. If a player receives a Criminal Timer in low security space, they will not be prevented from warping or jumping, and CONCORD will not spawn to attack them – but the criminal will be fired upon by gate/station sentries, their jettisoned wrecks and containers will be auto-abandoned, and any player may fire upon them without penalty.

Providing remote assistance to Suspects, Criminals, outlaws or players in a limited engagement will also result in a Criminal Timer, with the respective CONCORD reaction in High Security Space.

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