Pointer Window

The Pointer Window can be used to create chat links which, when clicked, will create a hint arrow pointing towards specific elements of the User Interface (UI), like this example of a pointer highlighting the undock button:


This can help finding specific buttons within the UI, or pointing other players to the element that is being talked about by sending them a Pointer-Chatlink that can be created with the pointer window.

The Pointer Window can be found within the "Utilities" folder of the Neocom EVE Menu:


Once opened, the Pointer Window will show a list of all buttons and UI elements that can be highlighted:


Any list entry can be dragged into any chat to create a clickable link to send to the chat. These Pointer-Chatlinks are colored in a light blue, and any pilot clicking on the link will see a pointer to the UI element, independent of where it may be located on their screen at the time. Should the linked UI element not be on the screen of the pilot clicking the link, they will receive an according error message:



Checking the "Show Highlights" checkbox will draw lines around every UI element that the Pointer Window can point to. Pressing the CTRL Key while moving the mouse cursor over an element will then select the respective entry within the Pointer Window.



Note: This feature will never give anyone any control over another players EVE client. All the other player can do is send the link. It is not until the link is clicked that a pointer is spawned within the client of the player clicking the link, and only that client.

More information on the Pointer Window can be found within our Dev Blog "EVE Online Invasion: New Pointer Tool!"

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