Overview Settings

The entries displayed in the overview while in space can be extensively customized in order to have the overview show the information about your surroundings that is of interest. The overview settings can be opened through the menu of the overview window. Within the game settings, it is also possible to set a shortcut to open the Overview Settings, but none is set by default. All Overview settings are saved account wide and a change will affect all characters on the same account.


Overview Tabs

Up to 8 Tabs can be configured to be shown within the overview for quick switching between different overview settings showing different kinds of items that have been configured in a saved Tab Preset (shown below). Selecting a saved Tab Preset within the "Bracket Preset" determines what symbols are being shown within the main view of the game when the respective overview tab is active. The "Share" button in the upper left can be dragged into a chat channel, EVE Mail or Note and can be used to share the current overview settings with other players.  Simply clicking on such a link allows a player to apply the overview settings to his own overview.


Tab Presets

Within the "Types" sub tab, the types of items in space that the overview shall show can be selected. The filter box as well as the item type groups assist in finding specific item types to show within the overview. Once the correct selections have been made, it can be saved by clicking the "Save" button, allowing the selection to be used within overview tabs as well as adding it to the overview window menu for easy selection.


The "States" sub tab allows a fine grained control over which states of an item in space close to you have it always show on the overview as well as what states may cause an item to be filtered out if there are no other states to have it show.




Within the "Appearance" tab, the background color as well as the color of the item tag can be configured. The first selected matching state for the item, from top going downward, will be shown within the overview and you can modify the order of the list by dragging and dropping the entries into the preferred order. Both, color tags and background color, can be set to blink by right clicking the according entry and selecting "Togggle Blink". The settings within the "Color Tag" tab will also apply to the color tags shown on characters in the chat channel member lists.



The options within the "Columns" tab allow for a selection of what information columns are shown within the overview. Dragging and dropping the entries will determine the order in which the respective columns are shown within the Overview window.



The "Ships" tab allows for configuration of what information is displayed alongside the target bracket in space when selected, and what characters the various bits of information are being encapsulated in.



The "Misc" tab offers a variety of miscellaneous settings such as whether or not cross hair lines should be drawn to a locked target. There are also options to export the current overview settings, and import such export files again. An overview export includes all currently configured overview tabs and will be saved into the "EVE\Overview\" folder within your "Document" folder (Windows)  or within "~/Library/Application Support/EVE Online/p_drive/My Documents/" (MacOS).



The "History" tab will show the last 15 Shared Overview links that have been clicked on.

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