Mining Ledger


The Personal Mining Ledger tracks the personal mining efforts of a capsuleer over the past 90 days. The little gear icon in the upper right corner of the graphs can be used to change them to show either Quantity, Volume or the estimated Market Value of the mined ores.


Within the Corporation Moon Mining Ledger, each refinery will track the mining that was done by any character within the asteroids of a destroyed moon chunk at refineries owned by the corporation, again over the past 90 days. This ledger is only available to CEOs, Directors and Accountants of the corporation.


In both mining ledgers, the slider can be used to set the timeframe that is being listed. The "Ore Type" button allows to filter the list to specific ores. 


Within the Corporation Moon Mining Ledger, the combo box selects the Refinery, for which the ledger should be displayed. The "Corporation" button then allows to filter the list of miners by their corporation.


The information in both ledgers is not available in real time and it will take some time for the ledger to update with the most recent information.

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