Killmails are notifications sent to players who deliver the final blow on another Capsuleer's ship, or have their ships destroyed by other players or NPCs, and will display a variety of information about the ship that was destroyed. These killmails reveal what another player's strategies might have been and can provide bragging rights to the individuals who managed to participate in the destruction.

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Killmail Contents and Uses

The contents of a killmail includes:

  • The player who's ship was destroyed
  • Their corporation and alliance
  • The ship that was destroyed
  • The modules and weapons fit to the ship when it was destroyed
  • Any cargo that the ship was carrying
  • When and where the ship was destroyed
  • All pilots who contributed to the destruction
  • The total damage the ship received before it was destroyed 
  • An estimated value of the ship at the time of its loss

Killmails are stored in a player's Character Sheet accessible within the Neocom and can be browsed and reopened at any time. Both new and old killmails can also be dragged and dropped into chat channels to share with other players, and the fits of the destroyed ships can be saved or simulated for future use.

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Who Can See Killmails?

Normally, killmails are only accessible by the player who lost the ship or delivered the final blow. However, killmails can be shared or automatically exported to third-party sites like zKillboard after a player involved with the destruction grants that third-party access to their EVE API.

You can manage your EVE API settings here: Third Party Applications

Killmail Misconceptions

Although many players have chosen to send their killmails directly to third-party sites and resources, the decision of what to share is entirely dependent on each player individually and therefore the information provided by third-party sites does not necessarily display everything that occurred within EVE Online.

Many killmails are not uploaded to these sites and, as they are not operated by CCP Games, the information contained within these resources cannot be relied upon completely.

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