The Agency

The Agency is a tool for finding a variety of different activities within the EVE Universe, such as asteroid belts, signatures, anomalies or agents. Any currently ongoing events will also be shown within the "Home" section of the Agency.


By default, the agency window will open on every log in. This behavior can be disabled by clicking on the check mark next to "Open The Agency on login" in the lower right corner of the Agency window:



Up to 6 pages within the Agency Window may be bookmarked for easy access. To bookmark a page, the "Add Bookmark" button can be used while the on the page to be bookmarked.


This will add the page to the bottom of the window, where its text can then be clicked on for quick access. A bookmark can be removed again by right clicking on it and selecting "Remove" from the context menu.



The Agency window presents several categories of activities, as well as currently ongoing events:

  • Agents & Missions
    This category allows for finding nearby agents that are available for the pilot, allowing filtering by Faction, Region and other factors. This section is of interest for any Pilots looking to improve their standing with certain factions.

  • Encounters
    Encounters are a variety of activities that often require a group effort to be completed, such as Incursions or Factional Warfare. This category can show more detailed information about what is going on in the neighborhood.

  • Exploration
    Information regarding nearby Combat Anomalies and Signatures can be found here, making life easier for pilots wanting to explore space with their probe scanners.

  • Resource Harvesting
    Ore and Ice Belts as well as information regarding Planetary Production is available for any pilot that prefers to fuel the economy by providing necessary materials rather than destruction.

  • Tutorials
    New Pilots can find some guidance regarding basic game mechanics within this category. The Career Agents can also be found here.


More detailed information about the Agency Window can be found in our Dev Blog "EVE Online: Invasion: The Agency 3.0"

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