Upwell Structure Ship Tethering


Any piloted ship or capsule within tethering range that has permission to dock at the citadel can be tethered to the citadel, preventing it from being locked or damaged as long as the tethering beam is active. The tethering range of a citadel is indicated by a ring of lights around the structure.


An active tether is indicated by a tethering beam extending from the structure to the tethered ship and conveys the following benefits to the tethered ship:

  • Can not be targeted
  • Can not take damage
  • Structure, Armor and Shields will be repaired as well as weapons, burnt out and/or damaged by heat, that are currently equipped on the ship


A tethered ship can still collide with other ships and as such may be bumped outside of the tethering range. To prevent this from happening, please dock the ship.

An active tethering beam is indicated as an effect within the effect bar atop the HUD.


An active repair beam while tethered is indicated there as well.


The following actions will prevent or break the tethering:

  • Active weapons timer
  • Having or starting a target lock on another target
  • Lack of docking rights with the structure
  • Ejecting from the ship
  • Ship is warp scrambled
  • Activating a cynosural field generator


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