Multiple Character Training

Activating the service will allow 1 additional character to be trained simultaneously. Note that this service will not allow you to advance a single character faster than normally; it will allow the account 2 or 3 simultaneous active Skill Queues to train more than one, or two, characters at the same time.

Opening up the option of one or two additional active Skill Queues will not extend the account expiration date – it will only enable the extra Skill Queue during specified periods.

Multiple Character Training can be activated or prolonged for 30 days at a time by:

  • Using PLEX to purchase a "Multiple Pilot Training Certificate" from the New Eden Store or the in game market.
  • Buying an "extra skill queue" through the in game PLEX Vault

Activating or prolonging Multiple Character Training in game, using a PLEX or a "Multiple Pilot Training Certificate"

When activating a PLEX or "Multiple Character Training Certificate" in game, one of up to two additional training can be activated.

Clicking "Activate" and then “Confirm” within the following 5 seconds will add 30 days to the selected training queue. Once active, the remaining time for the additional training queue is shown:

Up to 2 additional training queues may be activated, allowing simultaneous training of up to three characters on the account. The time for each training queue can be extended individually by activating additional "Multiple Pilot Training Certificates" as well as through the Account Management pages.

It is possible to extend a Multiple Character Training repeatedly. Each time a queue is extended, 30 days will be added and the same cost will apply.


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