Creating a New EVE Online Account Through


Clicking the “PLAY FREE” button on will start an account registration where a free Alpha account can be created. Clicking on the "GET OMEGA" will start an account registration where an Omega account can be created.

Free Alpha account 


Filling the new account details and clicking the “PLAY FREE” button will prompt you to the following page where the EVE Launcher will be downloaded.


Once the EVE Launcher has been downloaded, log into your account by clicking on the "Add Account" button in the EVE Launcher.


A new window will pop up where you need to enter the credentials of your newly created EVE Online account and then click on "Sign In".


After downloading and installing the client, the game can be accessed by logging into the game. The account is added to the launcher and by pressing the “play” button next to the username, the game will be launched for access.

Omega Account


Clicking on the "GET OMEGA" button will first prompt you to create a new Omega account or upgrade an existing account to Omega.

If you are creating a new account, fill in your information on the following page.


If you are upgrading an existing account to Omega, choose your preferred payment plan on the following page.


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