E-Mail Verification


In order to make sure that the account recovery process as well as other communication from CCP reaches the owner of an account, the e-mail address registered to an account needs to be verified before the account becomes accessible.

To verify your e-mail:

  • On an exisiting acount, the verification can be done by updating the account details of the Account Management if it has not happened yet.
  • A new account will receive a verification e-mail on creation.

As long as the verification has not been completed, the following message will show next to the e-mail address in the account details:

Using the “Resend Verification” link, the verification mail can be resent should the previous verification mail not have arrived. It is possible to change the e-mail address at this point as well, which will trigger a new verification to the changed e-mail address.

The verification mail will contain a link that needs to be opened in order to complete the verification process, which should be confirmed by the following message:



Should the verification mail not arrive within an hour after resending it and can’t be found within the junk mail or social folders either, please contact customer support from the e-mail used on the account for a manual verification.


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