E-Mail Verification

After the release of Ascension on November 15th 2016, the e-mail address registered to an account needs to be verified before the account becomes accessible.

To verify your e-mail:

•    On an existing account, the verification can be done by updating the account details on the Account Management.
•    A new account will need to process an e-mail verification on creation.

If verification is not completed, the following message will be shown:

Using the “Resend Verification” link, the verification mail can be resent. During this stage it is possible to change the e-mail address, which will trigger a new verification to the changed e-mail address.

The verification mail will contain a link that needs to be opened in order to complete the verification process.

Should the verification mail not arrive within an hour and can’t be found within the junk mail or social folders either, please contact customer support from the e-mail used on the account for a manual verification.

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