We are offering the possibility of adding an authenticator for increased account security. When an authenticator is active, a code which is provided through an authenticator, needs to be provided in addition to the account name and password on log in.

Setting up an Authenticator

  1. Download the Google Authenticator for Windows, iPhone, or an Android phone.
  2. Once downloaded and registered, log into your account management page and access the Authenticator settings in your "Account Info" or by clicking
  3. Verify your authenticator by either scanning the QR code or typing in the “Account” and the “Key” (Everything, including “EVEOnline:accountname”, will need to be typed in exactly as shown)
  4. Enter the 6-digit number displayed in the authenticator app in the browser and press the Verify button.


Log in with an Authenticator

Authenticator will add an additional step to the log in process, where the code shown in the authenticator needs to be entered. 

It is possible to bypass the Authenticator by selecting the check box “Don’t ask for codes again on this computer” and it will not be required to use the Authenticator upon each log in. Checking this box is saved in the browser cookies. The browser settings will determine the prompt of an authenticator code upon each log in.


Removing Authenticator

If an authenticator is no longer required for an account, it can be removed by opening the "Settings" of the Account Management again and clicking the "Disable" button.

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