Character Transfer

A character can be transferred to another account via the "Transfer Character" service through the EVE Store page. A single character transfer involves a transfer fee in the form of a credit card or PayPal payment of 20 EUR/USD, 17 GBP, or 1399 RUB.

The following conditions need to be fulfilled:

  • The character needs to be a member of an NPC corporation. For security reasons, characters in player corporations may not be transferred as long as they are a member of a player corporation, even if the target account is owned by the same player.
  • Skill training for the character needs to be paused during transfer.
  • The character must be older than 14 days. 
  • The transfer fee must be paid via credit card or PayPal. Alternative services like bank transfers are not available.

An account’s character transfer service may be disabled if they were involved in EULA violation, in which case the characters on the account cannot be transferred to other accounts. However, these accounts can still receive characters via a character transfer.

Character transfers can be initiated through the "Transfer Character" option below "CHARACTER SERVICE" which can be found at the bottom of the Account Management page:

  • Log into the Account Management for the account that holds the character.
  • Click on "Transfer Character" at the bottom of the page. 
  • Select the character to transfer and enter the name of the destination account. Then click "Next" to select your payment method and enter your payment details as necessary. If the target account is tied to a STEAM account and as such has no account name, please refer to this help center article.
  • Click on "Next" and a confirmation page is presented for a successful payment.
  • Notification emails are sent to both parties when the transfer has been initiated. The emails are sent to the email addresses registered to the accounts in question.

For security reasons, character transfers are processed with a 10-hour delay, during which the character is frozen and cannot be used.

Please note that using the character transfer service is the only legal way of giving another person access and control over a character. All rights to the character will be transferred to the owner of the account the character is transferred to.

Omega Status for Recently Transferred Characters

Transferred characters will inherit the Omega or Alpha status of the account they were transferred to after the next downtime. This means that a character transferred from an Alpha account to an Omega account will not be upgraded to Omega status until downtime has occurred.

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