New Eden Store

The New Eden Store is an in game marketplace where a range of exclusive cosmetic items, including ship skins and clothing that can be used by your capsuleer, traded to others, or sold for ISK on the in-game market can be acquired. Tokens for certain Account Services, such as the "Multiple Pilot Training Certificate" and the "Pilot Resculpt Certificate" can also be bought from the New Eden Store.

The currency used throughout the New Eden Store is PLEX. The current PLEX balance that is available to the account is always shown in the upper right corner of the New Eden Store or in your PLEX Vault. PLEX can be purchased directly through the Account Management or through the in-game market.

The items available within the New Eden Store are sorted into three categories:

  • Ship SKINs
    contains a variety of SKIN licences to give ships a different look. For more information about SKINs and their usage, please refer to our Ship SKINs article.
  • Apparel
    contains various clothing items for characters that can be used within the Character Recustomization
  • Services
    Tokens for various Account Services can be found in the NES store, such as the Certificates mentioned above.

A search option is also available to quickly find specific items.




Clicking on an item will bring up a window with detailed information and clicking "Buy" will finalize the purchase. A purchased item will be placed into the accounts redeeming system where it can be claimed by any character on the account.

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