Bug Reports

If you've found a bug in EVE Online and you want to help CCP fix it, the best way to do so is to send a bug report directly from the client by pressing F12 entering detailed information, and clicking "Send".

Alternatively, you can create a bug report by clicking the Bug icon in the top-right corner of the EVE Launcher.

Instructions for creating a detailed bug report are provided below.

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Please Note!

Bug reports are totally unrelated to support tickets

Filing a bug report for reimbursement or general help will not work, as bug reports are never seen by the Player Experience Team. You can write a support ticket to get help from a GM by clicking the "Submit a Request" button at the top-right of this page.

Before sending a bug Report,

It is always good to check whether the issue was caused by something on your end. For example, you can try updating your drivers (especially graphics drivers) and clearing your client cache.

General Feedback

If you simply want to share your opinion about balancing or game design, please use the forums instead of writing a bug report. Bug reports are not seen by our game designers.


If you believe you found an exploit which may be abused by other players, please write both a bug report (to get it fixed) and a support ticket (for a fast detection of the exploit and dealing with the consequences). You should also check the list of publicly announced exploits.


How to write a good bug report


A good Bug Report (or BR) title is short and descriptive. It should tell the reader what the bug is, where it happens and in which circumstances it occurs. A good idea is to put the location or a keyword as the first word, so it'd be easier for people to sort through bug reports. Like "Exploration", "Chat" or "Mac".

  • Example: "Overview: War targets not displayed on overview"



Selects one of the high-level categories for the defect:

  • Gameplay: Gameplay mechanics: anything concerned the logic behind the game design and the way features are intended to work. All spelling errors in English also belong into this category. Examples: Ship & module attributes, Scanner, Science & industry
  • PVE: Player versus environment: issues relating to the content of the game. Examples: Agents/NPCs, Incursions, LP Store, Missions, Factional Warfare, Sites/Complexes, Exploration
  • UI: User Interface mechanics:Issues relating to the functionality of the UI (drag & drop, sort order, UI alignment, compact mode, UI scaling, window behavior). Examples: Neocom, Overview, Station services, Brackets
  • Graphics: Issues relating to all visual aspects of the game except UI (textures, lighting, effects, model geometry). Examples: Station Hangars, NPCs using incorrect ship graphics, Ship Visuals, Character Creator, Firing/Hull effects
  • Technical:' Issues related to the game client not functioning. Examples: Hardware-related issues, Client crashing/freezing, Exceptions, Client cache
  • Localization: Incorrect or missing translations in any supported languages but not spelling mistakes in English. Examples: Translation errors in any in-game text, Missing translations in supported languages
  • Audio: All issues relating to in-game sound. Examples: Environment music, Sound effects (gunfire, stargate jump, etc.), UI context audio feedback
  • Launcher: Issues relating to updating and validating the EVE game client. Examples: EVE client fails to update, EVE Launcher fails to update, EVE client is corrupted, EVE Launcher doesn't appear
  • Forum/Website: All issues relating to the forum or websites.



Here you should give as many details as possible and describe the bug scenario in detail and all the circumstances in which the bug occurred.

For example, submitting a bug "War targets not displayed on overview" or "Cannot unfit launchers on ships" sounds very serious until you specify that it *only* happens if you select a certain option in the Overview or you have a certain rig fitted on your ship when trying to remove the launchers. It's important to be realistic about how severe the bug is and how wide its area of effect is.

Mention how often that bug occurs and whether it's something that happens every time or just some weird occurrence that only happened once and couldn't be reproduced. It's important to know if it's a common issue that can easily happen or some kind of oddball exception.

For graphical issues please also specify your graphic content settings.


Reproduction steps

The most useful bug reports are those that have a good description as to how to reproduce the bug in a consistent manner. Try to reproduce the bug again and determine the exact steps you need to go through in order to make it happen again. Try to find the simplest method to make your bug happen. 

Try to make it very clear for anyone reading the BR just what exactly they have to do in order to reproduce the bug.


Restrictions (file size / type) for attached files

  • The size limit of files within bug reports is 15 MB. If you have larger files please use a 3rd party upload service and provide the link in the bug report.
  • Please note that only following file-types are accepted in Bug Reports: jpg, gif, png, avi, flv, mp4, mov, mpg, mpeg, wmv, txt, rtf, lbw, lsw, zip, rar, 7z, dmp and mdmp.
  • You can also attach multiple files to a report and add further attachments later.


What happens to the bug report

After a bug report has been submitted it arrives on the list of currently open bug reports.

When a problem can be reproduced, the bug will be assigned to one of the CCP development teams who will then be responsible for fixing the issue. After a bug has been fixed, it will be tested again on one of the test servers and once the fix is verified it will be applied to Tranquility in a patch or expansion.

If there is already an existing report about a bug when you submit your bug report, then your report will be attached to that bug. This gives our programmers all the available information and may help them fix the problem.

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