Known & Declared Exploits



This article outlines public exploit notifications which are still in effect and addresses certain practices which are commonly misunderstood as exploits when they in fact are not.

Please do keep in mind that this list is not an exhaustive resource for every disallowed action in EVE Online, only exploits which have been publicly disclosed will be listed below.

Should you think that you may have discovered an unknown exploit, please report it directly to us through the "Exploit" category in a support ticket. Furthermore please always remember that exploit abuse carries repercussions as outlined in the EVE Online Terms of Service.

Please bear in mind that publishing steps on how to abuse game errors or making a game feature appear erroneous for personal gain will be treated in the same manner as publishing an exploit, independently of whether is an actual issue. Report all erroneous game behavior immediately.

Declared Exploits

This page contains all publicly declared exploits which are still in effect. Many bugs which have been publicly declared as exploits in the past have at this time been fixed and are therefore not included in the table below.

The links provided will take you directly to any past public exploit notifications.

Public Notification(s)



Exploit Notification - Delaying CONCORD Response

Exploit notification from GM Grimmi

Delaying CONCORD response or completely avoiding it.

Committing a criminal act and delaying CONCORD response for an extended period.

Commonly involves leaving empty ships or drones in space that CONCORD focuses on before dealing with the attacker. This exploit is not limited to drones or ships and applies to any item or method which might be used to delay CONCORD.

It is also considered an exploit to commit a criminal act and prevent ship loss to CONCORD by any means.

Cynosural field inside Starbase forcefield is an exploit!

Have an active cyno while inside a POS forcefield.

Having a cynosural field generator active is supposed to leave the generating pilot immobile and vulnerable. As such, managing to be within a forcefield or being otherwise effectively invulnerable (or inaccessible) while generating a cynosural field is considered an exploit.

Exploit Notification Clarification - Starbase Forcefield Ship Bumping

Exploit Notification - Starbase Forcefield Ship Bumping

POS Bowling Exploit

Bumping ships out of force fields without having access to the POS.

Using any method to bump a ship out of the safe confines of a Starbase force field is an exploit if the bumper does not have access rights to said forcefield.

Drone Exploit Warning!

Assigning drones or fighters from within a POS forcefield

Using any method to control drones or fighters while being protected by a Starbase force field is an exploit. 

Exploit notification

Bypassing acceleration gate ship restrictions.

Using any method to bypass acceleration gate ship restrictions to enter complexes is an exploit. The notification specifies Factional Warfare complexes, but this has since been extended to all sites which have acceleration gates.

Buying ISK for real money is not allowed!

Buying in game assets or ISK for real money is prohibited

Real money trading is prohibited.

Transferring Mini Skill Injectors or farming them is not permitted

All farming and trading of mini skill injectors is prohibited.

Mini Skill Injectors are intended for use on the new character that has received them within the New Player Experience only.

Generation of Tech II Blueprint Originals

Generating new T2 BPOs in any capacity is not permitted.

It is not supposed to be possible to create new Tech II Blueprint Originals within normal current mechanics of the game.

"Ghost Training" of skills

Gaining the Omega Clone State Double Training speed of skills while the account is in Alpha Clone state is not permitted.

Accounts in the Omega Clone state enjoy double skill training speed compared accounts in the Alpha Clone state. Somehow managing to retain this increased Omega training speed while the account is in Alpha State is not permitted.

Preventing Wormholes from Spawning

Any and all methods preventing a wormhole from appearing when it should are not permitted

All methods of blocking the spawning of a wormhole are considered exploits.

Deploying ESS within the grid of Seeker Investigation sites

It is no longer permitted to deploy an Encounter Surveillance System (ESS) within the same grid as a Seeker Investigation Site.



Common Misconceptions about Exploits

This passage contains common tactics and other player conduct that is often mistakenly reported as exploits but are in fact not.



Log Off Traps

  • Players are free to log out and back into our game at their own leisure.
  • Surprising a target by logging in is not considered to be an exploit.

Grid Manipulation

  • Extending the grid to increase the available information on the overview.

AFK Cloaking

  • A player is present in a system for a long time, usually cloaked, doing nothing at all most of the time.

MWD Cloak Warp

  • Using a Cloaking Device and one cycle acceleration on a Microwarpdrive module to enter warp immediately upon decloaking.

Ship Bumping

  • Ram the ship of another player with your own in order to prevent them from warping.

Warp disruption fields at star gates

  • Having players dragged into bubbles by strategically placing them behind star gates is not an exploit.

Constant War Declarations

  • War Declarations are a risk that every player corporation has to face and they are under no circumstances considered harassment. Wars in general can be completely avoided by remaining in an NPC corporation.

Ship text always shown on all brackets

  • It is possible to always show ship types next to each bracket, as outlined in this forum post. However, this function is not officially supported and may result in unexpected behavior of the client. Use at your own risk.



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