Botting is the use of any third-party software or any macros, stored rapid keystrokes or other patterns that give you any in-game advantage. Any in-game data may not be modified, manipulated, or changed in any way.

The penalties for botting follow a two-strike policy:

  • 1st offense: 3-day ban and certain limitations for the account.
  • 2nd offense: permanent ban.

Macro usage is very obvious, even if the process is being concealed. The logs do in fact show a lot, and with thorough investigation it is always possible to determine whether the player patterns are unusual. Ultimately, any suspicious behavior will be visible to our tools.



Do you have any official Third Party Application Policy?

We do. You can find it here and we highly encourage you to have a look at it:  Third Party Application Policy

We do not endorse or condone the use of player-made software or any other third-party applications or software that confers an unfair benefit to players. We may, at our discretion, tolerate the use of applications or other software that simply enhance player enjoyment in a way that maintains fair gameplay.

However, if any third party application or other software is used to gain any unfair advantage, or is used for purposes beyond its intended use, or if the application or other software violates other parts of our EULA, we may fully enforce our rights to prohibit such use, including player bans. Please use player-made or other third party software at your own risk.


I suspect someone of using bot software, what do I do? 

Report them to us and we will investigate. 

  1. Open the Character Information Window
  2. Select the Report Bot option from the Actions Menu
  3. Submit the report. You will receive a notification if it goes through.

All reports will be investigated, and reporters will receive a message if action is taken thanks to one of their reports.

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