Harassment and offensive behavior

The submission of offensive language, links to offensive or obscene material or the masking of obscene language sent to in game chat channels (public and private) by players is not permitted. Full conditions concerning such restrictions are covered in the Terms of Service. If players experience harassment outside of the game (such as on a third-party voice application or social media site) they are encouraged to submit any concerns to their local authorities. Players may report any in-game offenses through a Support Ticket or via an e-mail to our support@eveonline.com address. Players submitting reports of offenses are asked to include the offenders name and details about the offense in any report they submit. 


CCP will not disclose what, if any, action is taken against a player that is reported. If enough information about an offense is supplied, then the reporting ticket will be closed on behalf of the player. While players may take this as a dismissal of their concerns it is simply that the Privacy Policy restricts what information about another players account can be disclosed.

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