Installing EVE Online

You will need to download the installer before you can install the game. You can find links to the download options available in the following article.

Download EVE Online



When installing the new Launcher, you don't have to remove the legacy EVE Launcher. For those installing the Launcher on a system with an existing Legacy installation, please consider the following:

  • The new installation process requires no input, just give it a few seconds.

  • When you open the launcher for the first time, it will pick up your game installation folder, accounts and profiles automatically.

  • Avoid having both launchers open simultaneously to prevent the update procedure from corrupting your installation. If it does happen, the launcher will resolve it automatically.


Windows from our website

  • To install EVE Online, you will have to double click the EVELaucnher-####+setup.exe file 
  • A Windows pop-up will appear asking you to confirm to run the file, press “Run”. 
  • You can select the location where EVE will be installed. 
  • Wait for the process to finish and select to run EVE Online. 


Windows from Steam

  •  Find EVE Online in the Steam Market
  • Click on Installs and then follow the instructions.


Windows from Epic

  • Find EVE Online on the Epic store.
  • Click on get and then follow the instructions.


Mac OS 

When downloading the game from EVE Online website Safari will ask "Do you want to allow downloads on "" Click allow.

Click on downloads in Quick launch bar and run the installer you just downloaded.

Dark the EVE Online app into the application folder.

Open finder and run the Green EVE launcher icon the blue one is the legacy launcher.

When starting the Launcher for the first time the user may get a notification that EVE Online is an app downloaded from the internet. This is normal and happens when you download an app outside of the App Store. The user must proceed past this notification to play EVE Online.


When EVE Online is Installed on macOS, the operating system will ask the user to accept a license agreement. This needs to be accepted to play the game.


When the user starts the game client for the first time the game will ask permission to access the users’ documents folder. This permission is required to save the in-game settings, screenshots, character portraits and in game logs. If the user denies the game permissions to the Documents folder, then all the above will fail to save, causing a suboptimal user experience.


If a user has denied access, they are able to give the EVE Online permissions to the Documents folder from the Security & Privacy window. To open that window please open the following:


Finder > System Preference > Security & Privacy > and select the Privacy tab

Click the lock icon in the bottom left corner and unlock with admin password.

Select the following and add the following permissions:

  • Accessibility
    • EVE launcher
  • Files and Folders
    • EVE Launcher
      • Documents Folder
      • Desktop Folder
    • EVE
      • Documents Folder
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