Safe Logoff

The safe logoff system allows players to safely logoff whilst in space. When activated, a timer will appear which shows how long until the player is logged out. When the timer runs out the players ship is immediately removed from space, and the player is informed that they successfully logged out.


The safe logoff also offers a button allowing players to abort, which may be useful to react on some hostile entities appearing in the area or similar changes in the situation.

A safe logoff can not be initiated while any of the following events are happening:

  • Modules on the ship are active or become active
  • The pilot is ejecting from the ship
  • The pilot has, or gains, aggression from players or NPCs
  • The ship is exploding or self-destructing
  • Movement commands have been issued and are active
  • Any objects are launched or jettisoned
  • A fleet is joined
  • Drones are deployed or reconnecting to abandoned drones
  • Target locks are active (both being locked and having a lock on someone else)
  • Warp Commands are issued or ongoing
  • The ship is cloaked in any capacity, including gate cloaks.

If any of these events happen while the countdown for the safe log off is running, the safe log off will abort immediately and the ship will not be removed from space. Disconnecting or closing the client before the safe logoff timer runs out will also cancel the safe logoff and perform the normal log off procedures, which means it will take longer for the ship to be removed from space.

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